Ethereum [ETH] against Cardan [ADA] Battle round 2: Hoskinson responds on Reddit


On August 13, Charles Hoskinson of Cardano and Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum had another rebuttal session in which Hoskinson eventually turned to Reddit to respond to the allegations previously published by Vitalik. The continuous altercation between the two founders began last month when Buterin questioned the competence of Cardano's Ouroboros protocol.

  The tweet of Charles Hoskinson | Source: Twitter

The tweet of Charles Hoskinson | Source: Twitter

After the first blog post of Confutazioni di Cardano, Buterin replied with a post on Reddit that said:

"They are clearly writing a strong piece, and not genuinely engaging with any of the current compromises in consent to plan or try to understand Casper, as I tried with Cardano here (note how that post from Reddit still has no answers). "

This was continued by Hoskinson after he replied to Buterin's post. There was a debate on the sources available to explore more about Casper, the protocol used by Ethereum. Cardano said the team did not find enough sources to understand Casper in its entirety.

Here, Buterin denied Cardano's statement that Casper has enough sources discussing the properties of the protocol, namely, Casper FFG paper and complete FFG mini-spec. In addition, the sources contain details on key safeguards, such as safety, liveliness and computer-controlled evidence of Casper's properties.

In his last reply, Hoskinson said that Cardano mentioned all these sources in their rebuttal blog. He also clarified that the blog mentioned the lack of sources reporting an "autonomous" description of Casper. Subsequently, Cardano was unable to find documents that provide evidence for all Casper's relevant properties. Citing examples, he wrote:

"in the FFG white paper, Security Theorem 1 is shown on page 4 for the static version of the protocol in which the validator set was set.Therefore, the theorem is not a complete proof of safety since the hypothesis that 2/3 of the validators do not violate a sharp condition is only reasonable for the period of time when the validators actually have something at stake.In the next sections, the protocol operations related to this are revisited (for example, in sets of dynamic validators, Long-range revisions), but no other formal theorem declaration is made except for a sketch given in section 4.1. "

Buterin, in his previous answer, marked the refutation of Cardano as "pedanteria". Hoskinson responded to the comment by arguing that his team only asked for a complete description of the protocol, which did not pass as pedantry. He also defined Casper's description unequivocally

The first confimation blog published by Cardano was titled "How does Casper compare with Ouroboros?" And it was called by a "strong piece" by the founder of Ethereum.

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