Ethereum Developer ConsenSys Partners With AMD To Bolster Blockchain Industry


Although the crypto market has been stagnated, the startups have been driving with their efforts. Reports indicated that ConsenSys, a key participant in the nascent Ethereum ecosystem, has partnered with a leading American multinational semiconductor conglomerate to produce blockchain-friendly hardware and software.

AMD And Blockchain Group ConsenSys Join Hands

On Friday, ConsenSys, the ethical blockchain development consortium headquartered in Manhattan, New York, dropped its business partnership with AMD and Abu Dhabi-based Halo Holdings. The trio intends to "develop optimized datacenter solutions" for blockchain-related workloads and processes, by creating an arm named "W3BCLOUD," which presumably stands for Web 3.0 Blockchain Cloud.

While AMD will provide hardware, servicing, and its industry expertise, ConsenSys will do a majority of the heavy lifting when it comes to blockchain technologies. The third company is not publicly divulged, but the Middle Eastern firm is a pro-technology investment group, making it likely that Halo is financially backing and advising this venture. W3BCLOUD will be focusing on creating solutions for governments and corporations.

Yet, ConsenSys did not sell to centralized parties, as well as to push for the adoption of decentralized applications to become part of the effort's modus operandi as well.

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Joseph Lubin, who is hoping for this operation, claiming that he will be excusing for this operation, claiming that the blockbuster with AMD's "leading-edge technology" will push this game-changing innovation to the center stage of the globe. Joerg Roskowetz, one of AMD's blockchain branch leads, also expressed his excitement for this collaboration. Roskowetz claimed that W3BCLOUD has its eyes on meeting growing governmental interest for smart identity, enterprise data centers, and health tracking, licensing, and supply chain management services.

Fruitless Blockchain Venture?

Although this collaborative effort should not be discounted, there are cynics who believe that ConsenSys, Halo Holdings, and AMD buddying up will not produce real products, platforms, or services.

Case in point, as reported by NewsBTC months ago, ConsenSys joined hands with ING, Citigroup, Shell, and other global household names to launch komgo SA, a venture aimed at creating enterprise-level blockchain solutions based on Ethereum technology. But, since the announcement of the consortium, which came in late-September, no notable developments have been overtly disclosed. This begs the million dollar question – is it really being done?

If you want to give them the benefit of the doubt, sure. But it's still disconcerting, especially considering the fast-paced environment that cryptocurrency enthusiasts are acclimated to.

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