Ethereum could "survive in an absolute way" without me: Vitalik Buterin "comes off"


The Ethereum network would have "survived" without the co-founder Vitalik Buterin's contribution, said the developer, confirming that he is "detaching" from his creation.

Buterina: detachment from Ethereum "in corso"

As part of a social media debate covering various issues including his support for Ethcoum-based altcoin projects, Buterin said Ethereum could continue even if it were impossible for him to contribute.

"I think ethereum can absolutely survive me by spontaneously burning tomorrow at this point," he wrote on Twitter on October 4th.

The figures in the cryptocurrency industry accused Buterin of "pumping" through its Ether (ETH) properties, also casting spears on the pre-mine of Ethereum and other aspects of the larger altcoin.

Asked if he was going to take a back seat in relation to his project in the future, Buterin replied that this was "in progress", without providing details on a time frame. "Already in progress, look at the repositories, even many of the research has been done by (Danny Ryan), (Justin Drake), (Hsiao-Wei Wang) and others," he confirmed.

Ethereum maintains support

Ethereum continues to experience mixed reactions due to continued price suppression that recently saw the ETH / USD hit the 15-month lows below $ 170.

Despite prices broadly compliant with a forecast given by the investor Tetras Capital in its "bearish thesis" starting in July, the most recent noise from the financial sector favored a rebound, with Weiss evaluations also claiming that Ethereum would have took half of Bitcoin's market share in the future.

This, he wrote on Twitter last month, "is due to the fact that it offers more uses and is supported by superior technology (Blockchain)".

"… Unlike (Bitcoin), which is a one-trick pony, the limitation of the application of ETH is the sky itself," he added.

The development of third parties continues also at the level of consumers, despite the market crisis, the exchange of Bitfinex cryptocurrencies releasing a dedicated Ethfinex platform several weeks ago. Like others in the industry like Binance, Bitfinex is looking at Ethereum as a basis for the nascent decentralized exchange industry.

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