Ethereum could soon take half of Bitcoin's marketcap, says technical analyst


Ethereum's dominance in the global market over the next five years will make it the new crypt that surpasses Bitcoin's place. Here's what Ian McLeod told the Market Watch financial news portal.

Ian McLeod is an analyst with Thomas Crown Art, an art agency that relies on the etheum blockchain to protect against fraudulent activities in the art industry. For Mr. McLeod, Ethereum has touched the fund and its current value is an excellent investment opportunity as the growing number of users of this blockchain will bring a necessary increase in its market capitalization to the extent that it is universally adopted.

Mr. McLeod's confidence in the development of Ethereum as a business gold platform is so high that according to his opinion, Ethereum will be able to overcome Bitcoin within 5 years of increasing its adoption.

In an e-mail to MarketWatch Mr. McLeod expressed his optimism and bullish view of the markets, in particular regarding the use and adoption of Ethereum:

"We not only think which rebounds considerably before the end of 2018, I believe that in the long run it will significantly weaken the Bitcoin domain … In fact, I think we can expect bitcoin to lose 50% of its cryptocurrency market share at ethereum, the his closest rival, within five years. "

Ethereum Domain: Some believe it happens, everyone will agree it will be difficult [19659007] Bitcoin has remained the most important cryptocurrency in the global market throughout the history of blockchain technologies; however, many analysts have agreed that every day there is a better chance that Ethereum will occupy the first position.

This opinion was also supported by the financial analysis company Weiss Ratings. In the latest statements, the WR team commented that due to its "usefulness and flexibility", Ethereum has great opportunities to overcome it:

The event, which the community calls "The Flippening" never happened, and the closest arrived in June 2017, when Bitcoin (BTC) had a domain percentage of 38.4 and Ethereum (ETC) was close to 32%. However, lately, Bitcoin (BTC) has again increased its dominant position by concentrating more than 55% of the total market capitalization to date.

Bitcoin (BTC) vs Ethereum (ETH)
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