Ethereum Classic (ETC) Ambush Tron and Monero, Going For IOTA


At the moment, Ethereum Classic (ETC) is ahead of Tron and Monero and his race behind the IOTA. Nothing is behind this progress compared to the series of announcements made on Coinbase's currency.

Last week Friday, shortly after Coinbase announced that it is adding Ethereum Classic to its platform, there was euphoria in the cryptocurrency community that led to the price of ETC rising from $ 14.22 to $ 16 ,ninety two.

At the time of the press, Ethereum Classic is in 11th place, one point ahead of Tron who crashes in 12th place and Monero in 13th position.

Yesterday, the Coinbase exchange declared it perfected the final tests for Ethereum Classic (ETC).

In a tweet, he announced:

"After last week's update on the final phase of testing for Ethereum Classic [ETC] we are accepting ETC's inbound transfers on @CoinbasePro."

ETC has been launched on Coinbase Pro, and once there is a huge liquidity for cryptogenin, it will also be listed on

Once Ethereum Classic lands completely on Coinba, there is hope that the price of Ethereum will increase in the market, while market capitalization and its 24-hour volume, which are currently respectively $ 1.7 billion and $ 549 million could increase.

Where Is IOTA, Tron, And Monero

Although IOTA is ahead of ETC in the encrypted market, Tron and Monero are below Ethereum Classic on the market. The last two coins have a near market capitalization of $ 1.67 billion and $ 1.66 billion respectively.

However, ETC, which is ahead and driving close to the IOTA (with a market capitalization of $ 1.8 billion) has a potential for growth in market capitalization every moment.

Robinhood adds Ethereum Classic Ahead Of Coinbase

The recent price boom of Ethereum Classic can not be linked to Coinbase since Robinhood said Monday that it had launched Ethereum classic (ETC) on its platform trading.

The US-based platform has extended to California, Massachusetts, Missouri and Montana, and has now entered 19 states including Georgia and Iowa.

Coinbase And Crypto Society

Coinbase has a great influence on the cryptocurrency society. The exchange, once it announces the addition of a currency, or is said to add a particular currency, the price of the coin will skyrocket.

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