Ethereum Blockchain network APIs and easy-to-use development tools?



What is Infura?

Infura is an online platform that aims to provide developers with a wide variety of tools they can use to connect their applications to the Ethereum network and other decentralized platforms. These tools provide the crucial infrastructure needed to manage short-term fluctuations such as those occurring during token launches and eliminate the need for developers to run the infrastructure on their own.

Currently, a wide range of projects use the Infura network. For example, MetaMask connects to Infura's remote infrastructure combined with a zero client approach to serve over a million users. Other examples are the Mist and Status projects that implement a hybrid approach that depends on the remote nodes of Infura when the network is under pressure.

Infura features

  • TLS-enabled endpoints: they are public endpoints for Infura's Ethereum Mainnet and all of its testnet networks.
  • IPFS-enabled IPFS Gateway: This is a decentralized storage that contains customized reliability features.
  • Portable Ethereum Interface: This interface is designed to be compatible with the standard JSON-RPC API and well-known web3 libraries.
  • Ferryman Service Layer: this feature provides users with advanced routing requests, balances their loads and has the ability to track usage combined with customized reverse proxy for scaling and reliability.
  • Multi-client backend: Infura presents both Parity and Geth nodes as peers, which provides its infrastructure with robustness and resilience.

How do the Infura ETH Blockchain network and tools work for developers?

The core of Infura it will be the Ferryman level, which allows the sending of requests to different end of the Infura infrastructure on the basis of the RPC method in addition to other factors. This will result in an infrastructure that can be scaled or adapted to users based on traffic needs. The level will also enable intelligent routing that will reduce response times.

The modular scaling solutions provided by Infura will increase the network capacity for high traffic ICOs or dApps that expect to transmit large amounts of data across their Ethereum network, thus resolving the downsizing problems that projects might have.

Infura will also have a developer portal where developers using Infura can monitor and access insights into how they are using the network. The portal will also present advanced scaling solutions for developers.

In the future, Infura will introduce an Infura for Business product, which will prepare developers for anticipated production traffic by providing them with support and tools to ensure that their dApps run smoothly.

Infura benefits


Infura implements the blockchain technology, which eliminates the need for users to install, configure and maintain the Ethereum infrastructure, which significantly reduces the costs incurred by users.

Reliable and scalable

The Ferryman middleware Infura uses greatly improves the reliability of the platform while using the Ethereum infrastructure to help developers create scalable applications to meet the needs of their users.

Powerful and safe

Currently, Infura has successfully served over 40,000 developers and dApps and has the ability to transfer 2.5 PB of data per month as well as managing over 10 billion user requests per day.

Distributed storage

Infura will provide decentralized application developers with direct access to IPFS without having to manage the infrastructure on their own.

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