Ethereum & # 39; s Trinity Client announces the Alpha of Margaret Hamilton


Trinity hits a trifecta with his third major alpha version.

Trinity presented the third major alpha version, v0.1.0-alpha.14, for its Python-based Ethereum client, according to the main architect of the Piper Merriam team in recent posts on reddit and GitHub. The release stabilizes the client's synchronization code and sets the stage for improving synchronization performance in the future.

With the alpha, users "can expect a full synchronization to take up to 6-12 days on a high-end laptop". Although this number may seem high, Merriam has indicated that the team expects to significantly reduce the synchronization time, but to do so has required prior to refactoring the code to prioritize requests for fast peer data. Now that it has been done, it expects the "next version of Trinity to be more focused on performance [sync]."

Merriam added that he had personally completed a complete synchronization of the chain and status data, observing, "It's really nice to see the end-to-end client function and keep up with the mainnet chain."

Client version is titled "Margaret Hamilton" after the influential computer scientist who worked on the Apollo space mission. Each main alpha of the Trinity team highlights a historically noteworthy woman; v0.1.0-alpha.12 is "Grace Hopper" and v0.1.0-alpha.1 is "Valentina Tereshkova."

Although Trinity is a relatively new customer, Merriam compares it to the "more mature" Geth and Parity customers. It is developed and maintained by several members in the Python blockchain crowd: the Python team of Ethereum Foundation, Guilherme Salgado of Consisys and others from the wider community.

Although Python is not known as a fast programming language, Merriam believes it shows some important qualities, namely its large and growing community of developers, its low barrier to entry and its expressiveness. These factors have helped the Trinity team in various ways, such as with onboarding developers, the main code refactoring and debugging.

Through his client, the Trinity crew aims to support the ongoing development of the Ethereum protocol. Merriam claims that many core protocol development teams use Python, and much of what is built is done using Py-EVM [Python-Ethereum Virtual Machine] and Trinity. "

The team is currently interested in synchronization performance (as represented by v0.1.0 -alpha.14), but plans to introduce other features, such as running as a lightweight server and managing transaction pools.

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