Ethereum 2.0 unveiled: what to expect?


The new Ethereum 2.0 roadmap was revealed by a senior blockchain developer at Rocket Pool. Darren Langley unveiled the important update of September 7 in a blog post.

Ethereum 2.0 Unveiled

The first notable aspect of the timeline is that Ethereum 2.0 combines Proof-of-Stake (PoW), Sharding and eWASM. Once Ethereum 2.0 is released, it will support an important number of on-chain transactions.

With the latest developments, Ethereum seems to become the revolutionary infrastructure for world technology. Furthermore, it could become a platform for new economic systems and a global collaboration hub.

Vitalik Buterin commented on blockchain technology:

"Blockchains are politically decentralized (no one controls them) and architecturally decentralized (no central infrastructural point of error) but are logically centralized (there is an agreed state and the system behaves as a single computer). "

To make Ethereum 2.0 work, there are several topics that are discussed and discussed at this time. The website Ethereum Research helps developers understand and criticize several important proposals.

There are some projects and topics that can already be implemented. However, there is still an important number of projects still in their infancy.

In addition, there are several teams that are working on creating a client for the chain of beacons. This is a key point for Ethereum 2.0 and its vision. The beacon chain includes sate and persistence data structures, block state transition, fork choice implementation and validator shuffling. Furthermore, the beacon chain already includes the role of the block proposer, the serialization of the data structure and the P2P protocols.

The blog post also talks about eWASM, which is not specific to version 2.0.

"The project has been under development for a while by the eWASM team and is focused on compatibility with the current EVM", explains the blog post [19659014]. "The eWASM team is evaluating the implications of the new approach, but the research is still rather early on how it will actually work ."

There is a significant number of developers working on Ethereum. Now, continuous research and new implementations will be done in the future.

In the last hours, Ethereum has been trading at $ 200 dollars, the lowest price in almost a full year. At the same time, its market share is close to 10% of the total market, the same level as in December 2017.

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