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In 2018, the cryptocurrency market continued to grow rapidly as in the last year. There are a number of experts and there are still too many unanswered questions.

Not sure if the right time to invest in Litecoin is? It is not possible to predict where prices are directed

We have good news for you: we will answer all your questions here. We will take care of the essential aspects of Litecoin and will share with you our most popular Litecoin forecasts. Although it is not easy to anticipate the future of Litecoin, we are here to help you make informed decisions.

As the fifth largest cryptocurrency, Litecoin's market capitalization is over $ 12 billion per hour. Why is Litecoin so popular?

Litecoin was launched by Charlie Lee, a former Google employee. Litecoin is a digital currency like Bitcoin. It is used on the same blockchain and is available to make payments. Litecoin is advantageous compared to Bitcoin in terms of speed. Because Litecoin is called "Lite" currency is its speed which is almost four times higher than Bitcoin.

Do you know how long you would wait if you try to pay for your drink with Bitcoin? Only about 10 minutes! Confirmation of a Bitcoin transaction requires at least 10 minutes.

If you try to pay with Litecoin, you will be surprised! Litecoin transactions only take 2.5 minutes to be confirmed. In just 2.5 minutes, you will have your drink.

Before we get our prediction for the Litecoin price, we would like to explain the differences between Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Litecoin is somewhat analogous to Bitcoin. It is structured on the same Bitcoin code. It is similar to updating the operating system on your smartphone. These updates are designed to solve some problems on your smartphone and, therefore, Litecoin addresses the problems encountered with Bitcoin.

As you saw in the example of the beverage, Litecoin's technology allows you to process transactions faster when you compare to Bitcoin.

Another essential difference is the total number of existing coins. The supply of cryptocurrency coins is limited as a gold source of the world. A maximum of 21 million Bitcoins can be created. This value is 85 million for Litecoins.

When you pay with cryptocurrency, you must pay a transaction fee. Bitcoin transaction fees are higher when compared to Litecoin. As it were, Litecoin allows faster and cheaper payments.

Think of our current currency. When they need to supply currencies, federal banks can print new banknotes. Since governments can not "print" more coins, this is not valid for cryptocurrencies.

Are you aware that new coins must be "extracted" for use? Similar to gold!

People discover new Litecoin, Bitcoin and other coins with their computers, which is called mining. But these computers are not normal computers you can find in stores, they have super special and powerful features to extract Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies).

On the other hand, with some graphics processing units (GPUs), you could mine money with your computer. You may want to take out Litecoin if you need it without buying it.

Therefore, Litecoin is available to more people than Bitcoin. That is why Bitcoin is the gold of the cryptocurrency market and Litecoin is silver.

The technology of these two currencies differs as such, substantially affecting their prices. As you now know how Litecoin technology differs from Bitcoin, you can more easily understand our Litecoin projections.

Litecoin Trends of History

In the last 12 months, one of the biggest cryptocurrencies was Litecoin. At the beginning of 2017, Litecoin was at $ 4.5, and if you bought Litecoin there, you would get an advantage of around 8000% by the end of the year! This is almost 80 times higher than your investment.

If you bought Litecoin with your $ 500 in January 2017, at its highest point in December 2017, you would earn almost $ 45,000.

Below is the price trend of Litecoin by history. It is clear that Litecoin has grown dramatically in the last year, so it is one of the top ten cri-tories in percentage growth. Litecoin price table

We need you to know before presenting our Litecoin projections that Litecoin's trading volume is high. That is the number of people who sell and buy Litecoin in increases in the cryptocurrency market. Immediately after Ethereum, Litecoin's trading volume is the fourth largest.

The odds for Litecoin Price

The cryptocurrency market obviously moves very quickly, so investors have difficult times in choosing the best investment options.

you have to do your homework if you want to understand current market trends. In fact, before making substantial investments, be sure to consult a financial expert.

To better understand the market, you can use the following Litecoin forecasts as a starting point for your research.

Forecasts Analysis for Litecoin Price

To understand clearly the essential elements of this forecast, it is first necessary to understand the technical analysis.

Past and current price trends and trading volume trends are addressed in technical analysis. Arguments such as the infrastructure of a specific cryptocurrency technology are not considered.

Technical analysts use data to obtain price forecasts with mathematical functions. Fortunately there are many analysts who perform and share the analysis on the Internet, so we do not need to think about the mathematical part.

According to, a technical analysis site, 1- Litecoin's price forecast for the year is about $ 414. In the long run, they think that Litecoin could be a good option with a 5-year Litecoin forecast of about $ 1175.

Their technical analysis indicates that if you are investing today, in 5 years, you will receive a benefit of around 425%.

Another website, which offers technical analysis, suggests that when Litecoin reaches $ 220, it will be directed upward from this point. In the short term, their Litecoin price forecast is $ 300.

The "Monte Carlo" analysis was also conducted for Litecoin. Until November 2018, Litecoin's price range is expected to be between $ 6 and $ 507.

It is clear that this is a very broad price range for a forecast! It's true?

This analysis shows us that the price of Litecoin could change enormously this year like all cryptocurrencies. Also we could think that this price does not exceed $ 507 during the year. This means that the analysis is somehow useful.

Prediction for Litecoin prices compared to Bitcoin

According to a series of predictions, Litecoin will grow more than Bitcoin. It is not possible to know what will happen, but these forecasts have some reasonable reasons.

In the last year, Litecoin has grown more than Bitcoin.

Litecoin technology is a better version of Bitcoin (note that it is faster than 4 times!)

Currently, Litecoin's recovery is far superior to Bitcoin's. indicates that many new investors will be affected by the advantages of Litecoin. By the end of 2018, their prediction for the Litecoin price is $ 1000, on the other hand, some forecasts suggest it could reach around $ 2000! has another project, expecting the price of Litecoin to rise to $ 1000. They think investors will tend to invest in Litecoin when they look for options, confronting Bitcoin, and they will look for a lower risk profile .

Recalls the analogy of gold and silver for Bitcoin and Litecoin, respectively. In real life, what is gold for? Keep it. Bitcoin is good at keeping values ​​and Litecoin is better for transactions.

Although Litecoin has advantages over Bitcoin, issues related to mining and costs can jeopardize the situation at some point.

After all, if you are interested in investing in Litecoin on these projections, we strongly recommend that you also address other factors before deciding.

Litecoin Forecast for Experts like John McAfee

Do you know who John McAfee is? You should know the name if you have a small tendency to invest in cryptocurrencies. John McAfee is a special crypt-investor who actively promotes cryptocurrencies. His price projections can really influence the prices of all cryptocurrencies.

So what do you think of Litecoin's future?

John McAfee considers Litecoin undervalued. He believes that Litecoin can exceed the value of Bitcoin. If you're right on Bitcoin, then you can say that John McAfee's prediction of Litecoin is not correct.

Another cryptocurrency analyst, George Tung, has his own proverb on the pricing of Litecoin. He suggested that in 2018, the value of Litecoin will reach up to $ 1500. There are a number of experts and analysts who believe that the price of Litecoin will continue to rise in 2018.

How long? We can not know for now. However, now you know what the experts think.

In addition, the return of the founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, is one of the reasons why people believe that Litecoin will perform well. After leaving Litecoin, he joined Coinbase, but returned to the Litecoin team as an active member.

Charlie Lee expects a good year for Litecoin considering 2018. On the other hand, he did not present a projection of cryptocurrency prices. [19659056] What do you think Wall Street prospective for the future of Litecoin

Wall Street traders and investors are also interested gradually in cryptocurrencies. Similarly to us, they also think that cryptocurrencies can be useful.

Considering investments in stocks and other assets, Wall Street has a lot of experience. So to speak, they should know what is and what is not a good investment.

A Wall Street dealer, the head of BK Capital Management (LLC), Kelly, controls the cryptocurrency market. This company focuses on investing in cryptocurrencies. Kelly's price forecast for Litecoin is $ 500 for 2018, and this could be taken into account.

Kelly is prone to Litecoin because it is advantageous compared to Bitcoin. By allowing for faster transactions and low commissions, Litecoin is an interesting investment option for almost everyone.

Just think of Litecoin as iPhone X and Bitcoin as iPhone 8. The case differs only in terms of iPhone X being cheaper.

Litecoin Price Prediction 2020

If you are a long-term investor in Litecoin, then you should take a look at the prices of Litecoin for 2020. is a specialized website in long-term financial forecasts with technical analysis.'s forecasts for Litecoin's price range between $ 780 and $ 1374.

Another website,, expects Litecoin's price to be $ 1000 by 2020.

projection takes the performance of Litecoin in 2017, which exceeded the 2017 Bitcoin performance. On the other hand, it is not based on technical analysis or expert opinions. So you probably need to focus more on other projections.

Another website,, has another forecast for 2020. The following are the reasons why the Litecoin price forecast for 2020 is $ 3500:

  • The extraordinary growth of Litecoin in 2017.
  • Its technology is better than Bitcoin
  • Global growth of the cryptocurrency market
  • Other factors that could influence the future of Litecoin
  • Could you consider other factors that could affect the future of litecoin.


Note that potential changes in Litecoin technology may be important. You know the situation called "Hard Fork" regarding bitcoins. Let's take a look at this difficult fork.

Put simply, halve the cryptocurrency in two. Litecoin, in this case, is a part of the division as a previous version. And the other side, Litecoin Cash, is a new cryptocurrency. Litecoin Cash has clear advantages over Litecoin, but this will not be covered here.

What happened after the split? We all expected something explicit but nothing happened. Frankly speaking, after the hard fork, Litecoin has achieved good results, but Litecoin Cash has failed in some way.

In addition, Coindesk has its own forecast of Litecoin prices. They suggest that Litecoin which is above $ 240 for a short period of time could very quickly reach the $ 300 mark. Coindesk thinks that Litecoin could benefit from the return of Charlie Lee and the new features launched.


Is a soccer match possible when there is no referee? Impossible? The cryptocurrency market works without any regulation.

This should change soon. The regulators of the world are very interested in cryptocurrencies. It is not possible to estimate how the regulations will influence the future of Litecoin or other cryptocurrencies.

But we know that these could generally slow down the market. This could similarly affect the Litecoin forecast. In order to keep your investments safe from any damage, we strongly recommend that you observe the new cryptocurrency rules at least with the eye's tail.

Litecoin, Worth Investing?

As you may have been aware, it is not easy to answer this question. It is very difficult to predict the price of Litecoin even for 24 hours, and even more difficult for a whole year.

However, the forecasts of Litecoin prices mentioned above indicate an increase towards the top. It could become more popular in the encrypted world with its technological advantages.

Before investing, we strongly recommend that you get technical analysis and expert advice. We also believe that potential regulations can strongly influence the future of Litecoin. You should be aware of these regulations, particularly applicable in your country.

The future of cryptocurrency is difficult to predict even by major investors and cryptocurrency experts. Before any investment, do your homework and plan your investments to keep you safe even if prices fall.

Investing all the money in a single cryptocurrency is not absolutely recommended. You might think that the above Litecoin price forecasts are inviting, but please do not invest without thinking about the downsides.

You have finished reading our guide, so now what do you think of Litecoin? Do you have your Litecoin prediction? Share with us!

* Please, not that this article is just a personal opinion. Consult a professional before investing.

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