EPM and Celsia’s Mesa del Sol energy project will have an investment of 23,000 million dollars


Electrificadora de Santander (Essa), a subsidiary of EPM, and Celsia have signed the contract for the purchase of future general-purpose assets of the Mesa del Sol project located in the municipality of Los Santos in this department.

This contract includes investments in electrical infrastructures for over 23,000 million dollars, such as the construction of a 115 / 34.5 kV substation, an input-output section of the existing 115 kV line owned by Essa Piedecuesta-San Gil which will allow the connection of the solar generation parks both to the regional transmission system and to the local distribution system of Essa and the construction of a double circuit line of seven kilometers 34.5 kV that will allow the connection of the project from the Mesa del Sol substation to the substation Watercolor 34.5 kV.

The project called Mesa del Sol consists in the construction of a solar park where hundreds of panels for the generation of electricity will be distributed, as part of the creation of renewable energy.

Celsia and Essa will follow the project execution process, which is expected to start in December with the construction of the entire electrical infrastructure to put it into operation in 2022.

This contract signed between Essa and Celsia is of great significance for the region as it involves large investments, provides for the improvement of the distribution network in Mesa de Los Santos and the improvement of the transmission network between Piedecuesta and San Gil to increase the reliability and attention to demand in the south of Santander.

(With information from Vanguardia Liberal)

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