EOS [EOS] and Ethereum [ETH] are strong at number 1 and 2 in the encrypted classifications- AMBCrypto


On 16 August the Chinese government agency, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology presented the new official cryptocurrency evaluation index, which marks its fourth edition. This month's list was completed by EOS followed by Ethereum.

This was an exact reflection of last month's rankings [3rd edition] where EOS and Ethereum occupied the same place. Bitcoin, the most widely used cryptocurrency, recorded an increase of 7 positions, going from 17th to 10th place.

The Global Public Technology Technology Assessment was organized and implemented by the CCID [Qingdao] Blockchain Research Institute. It was jointly implemented by a number of units including the CCID Think Tank under the Chinese Institute of Research on the Development of the Information Industry and the China Software Testing Center.

The aim is to scientifically evaluate the level of development of the global public chain technology and accurately capture the cryptocurrency market trend.

Ratings are judged on the basis of three factors:

  1. Technology: based on the level of developments in the technology used and on its list of updates and feasibility.
  2. Applicability – This is based on the number of areas that can use cryptocurrency to directly produce tangible results.
  3. Innovation: this parameter is a standard set by which the cryptocurrency interval is calculated.

In the current rankings, EOS has totaled 158.6 points, a relatively large peak compared to the 145.6 points of the last edition. The cryptocurrency had a technological score of 104.3, an applicability score of 17.6 and an innovation score of 36.7. The report showed that the disparity between the EOS technological score and the second Ethereum is 22.3 points.

Ethereum had a total score of 139 with a technological score of 82, an applicability score of 27.4 and an innovation score of 29.6.

Bitcoin fans have had something to cheer about this time with a marked difference in position from previous reports. The cryptocurrency showed a technological score of 46, an applicability score of 15.4 and an innovation score of 40.3. What Bitcoin's fans were most annoyed with is the fact that Bitcoin had the lowest tech score in the top 20 cryptocurrencies.

Stellar saw no change in his position, remaining stable in the sixth position. The cryptocurrency has a total score of 106.9 points with an application score higher than that of Bitcoin and Ripple.

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