EOS earns on Ethereum with Fake Airdrop Scam


The EOS project is witnessing a blatant attempt to steal private keys using counterfeit Twitter profiles.


Until recently, Ethereum (ETH) was omnipresent for false gifts on Twitter. But as a sign that EOS is becoming more important in the cryptographic ecosystem, a new scam is going around on Twitter.

The scam uses counterfeit Twitter handles, just like the Ethereum giveaways. A fake WhalePanda, with a different handle of Twitter, led to the scam:


The alleged aerodynamics uses a blatantly explicit approach, requiring private keys to an Ethereum portfolio. The question is absurd, since EOS tokens can no longer be transferred to an Ethereum portfolio: they are frozen and a new EOS network has been in operation for months, with a completely different portfolio and address system.

The fake EOS airbus offers 10 EOS for each Ethereum in the portfolio. Of course, the module promises never to use or store the private key, just use it to check the balance of the wallet. This is also a lost gift: there is no way to know the private key to give away tokens, just the public key. In other words, any promised EOS airdrop is completely false and aims to empty the wallets of unsuspecting users.

While those scams cause fewer losses, they are nonetheless a warning that anyone can at least try to exploit the crypto ecosystem. This Etherscan The address was flagged to be used in an earlier EOS scam that promised returns to reveal a private key.

The EOS ecosystem itself has suffered its share of scams and hacks, including the creation of counterfeit EOS tokens that have deceived the Newdex exchange.

And before the launch of the main EOS network, phishing emails made the same attempt to trap the EOS coins. However, EOS has never been distributed by airplanes, but by daily auctions.

The EOS asset remained attractive for managing to maintain a relatively stable and well-distributed price in the encrypted economy. The real EOS asset is trading around $ 5.63 starting at 1:00 UTC on Thursday, slightly rising from the weekly lows to around $ 5.15.

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