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From tools that empower artists to monitor their IP to allow studios to see how their films behave, the blockchain will revolutionize the way content is monetized and distributed according to Singular DTV co-founder, Kim Jackson.

  Focussed on transactions: Kim Jackson

During Blockchain's Keychain on Friday morning, Jackson revealed that his company is ready to launch an ecosystem based on digital technology that allows its users to generate smart contracts and tokens that can be integrated with IP, information on rights and value.

"The ability to track IP and revenue is where power is," Jackson said. "Singular DTV is focused on transactions: rights, royalties and revenues. Next year you will see films, TV shows and books using our digital distribution platform."

Singular's platform includes Tokit, which enables creators to upload and tokenize the contents; a consumer who is confronted with a peer-to-peer distribution platform; and a portal of artists in which creators are able to see which transactions take place in each region in real time.

Jackson said the platform could be used to go directly to the consumer or to help digital studios and streamer track revenue from their content.

"The ability to track IP and revenue is where power is"

"Our technology can really help studies with their accounting processes, which can be an expensive and inefficient nightmare. of what we offer and save millions of dollars, "said Jackson.

Jackson is such a conversion to the technology of the digital ledger that he even married the blockchain, securing his votes in an intelligent contract on the platform.

Other cheerleaders for DLT technology include the director and actor Bill and Ted Alex Winter, who made a documentary for DTV, Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain; and Bill Borden, High School music producer, who praised the blockchain for its "transparent accounting skills".

Maurice Schutte, producer and co-creator of the science fiction film Space Beers, told his delegates that he would use the STV platform for films as a means of achieving it and rewarding stakeholders and fans who contributed to the project.

"We strongly believe that all financial backers of Space Beers should benefit from it.The traditional crowdfunding does not offer supporters sustainable or profitable participative structures that tokenis6ed ecosystems can," he said.

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