Does the Ethereum scale (ETH) over time have to be relevant?


YouTube The Crypto Lark has just hosted a panel discussion with Crypto Zombie, Crypto Spark and Kevin of Bitcoin for Beginners to tackle some of the big questions facing analysts and cryptographers. Start with Ethereum, which recently bounced the historical low of the year to $ 183, according to WorldCoinIndex. It is currently trading at $ 222, at the time of writing, after a rapid rebound, but the huge slide has left investors and adopters questioning its fundamentals.

Two theories on Ethereum have emerged. It is a victim of its popularity as a network for the ICO market, providing blockrin onramp for over 1,500 projects that have raised capital and built up ERC20 token financing platforms, or there are valid and critical concerns about Ethereum's ability to scale and grow. [19659003] In the scenario where Ethereum climbs and succeeds, there is still the possibility that ether (ETH), the native cryptocurrency, becomes useless. A recent article on TechCrunch comes to the point of defining it as a done deal because "there is no obligation for Gas in an Ethereum contract."

But Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, offers his refutation.

"There is a clear advantage in using ETH to pay for Ethereum in the protocol as it is today: paying for gas with ETH is incorporated and does not have its own gas costs, so no c & p # 39; is "tax." Paying the gas in any other token does not have this advantage.Also, ETH is the only medium of exchange on Ethereum where the cost of the transaction gas is 21000, and not ~ 40000. "

Kevin of Bitcoin and Beginners believes that the release of scaling and network performance solutions, namely Casper, Plasma and sharding, will suffocate many of the criticisms. Making ETH clearly indispensable for all decentralized applications on the network would also increase its value and usefulness.

Crypto Zombie says you have to think about how robust the Ethereum ecosystem is right now and how much time and development have gone to the network. "Actually I think Ethereum will be all right." But it questions the timing and the possibility that developers may need two years to implement updates, which calls a life in cryptography.

Kevin sees an upside for patience, as the developers of Ethereum have enough time to test their code and make sure it is solid and secure against backdoor hacking.

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Crypto Spark points out that the crypto community is in unexplored waters with no real idea of ​​what could happen if there was an insurmountable problem with the Ethereum network, which hosts so many projects. But it remains positive for the enthusiasm and talent that Ethereum has generated and attracted. Rejects the wave of negative press that Ethereum has generated in the last three months.

Crypto Lark collected Spark's point on the negative press and notes that market manipulation can extend to the media with articles promoting the FUD to influence the price of Ethereum.

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