DMarket brings Blockchain innovation to the mass gaming audience


The collaboration between the blockchain-based market and a global entertainment giant benefits the entire gaming community.

DMarket Token (DMT) ended in July as one of the best performing cryptocurrencies in the world. With almost 300% at most, the DMT drew attention to the project to which it belongs. DMarket is a global market of virtual items that meets the needs of the rapidly expanding virtual video game industry. For those unfamiliar with the sector, it has exceeded $ 15 billion in annual purchases with a double-digit annual growth.

Unlike most ICO projects, which are usually based on unprocessed ideas, DMarket led its token sale with an alpha / DEMO version of its existing product. It happened last fall and since then the market has come a long way. It is now a complete and functional platform, in which players actively trade digital objects from popular games such as CS: GO and Dota 2.

However, these games are not directly linked to the DMarket blockchain. They belong to the game ecosystem Steam and the items they are exchanged on DMarket via Steam account. This is not really innovative because other platforms such as Skins.Cash or BitSkins provide similar functionality. The real breakthrough in digital article trading will take place when developers will start connecting their games directly to the DM blockchain.

Here's what is aiming at DMarket: a global blockchain-based ecosystem for trading virtual resources without boundaries between different games and platforms. And that's why the latest news from DMarket is probably more important than the fluctuations in coin prices or the current volume of Steam-dependent exchanges on the market.

The truly revolutionary news is the integration of DMarket with the global giant of the Unity games through an SDK that is already available in the asset store of the global game development giant . The partnership between Unity and DMarket allows any Unity-based game to easily connect to the DMarket blockchain and make in-game resources available for virtual trading and trading. This allows 770 million players to create their own asset inventory on DMarket and start exchanging items from their favorite titles securely on the blockchain.

There are many concrete implications of this link that will benefit the entire gaming community. Game developers are very enthusiastic about increasing the customer's life value, as players are more likely to play and pay more with the opportunity to monetize game items using DMarket. The huge commercial success of games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive shows that building a community that rewards valuables in a game is something that creates a really hardcore player base.

In addition to collaborating with Unity, DMarket also had good news on the human resources front, after the inclusion of a world-class senior vice president of engineering, Nick Covella, in the team. He is a veteran of the technology industry, widely recognized as a world-class software engineer and executives. Strengthen the DMarket team to accelerate the growth of its global trading ecosystem to monetize gaming content. Nick rightly commented during his nomination that "DMarket is doing something unique at the intersection of games and blockchain."

It seems that the guys at DMarket are the right mood to celebrate (and maybe sign some new offers!), As they send not only one but two teams for the biggest show of Europe Gamescom 2018 in Germany this month. The conference will attract around 400,000 players who explore the latest digital trends. DMarket's B2B and B2C teams have certainly gained some relaxation during the summer before taking on their ambitious goals for the last few months of the year.

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