Director of the broadcast of the Arab States: Egypt enjoys a technical weight and we do not see the time for further cooperation with it



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26 June 2019
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26 June 2019

The director general of the Arab Broadcasting Union, Abdel-Rahim Suleiman, praised the artistic weight of Egypt, noting the permanent cooperation between the Union and Egypt in the field of art. "Egypt is always present in the Union and we are pleased to participate and we are not looking forward to any further cooperation with it".

Speaking with the delegate of the Middle East News Agency (MENA) in Tunis at the start of the 20th session of the Arab Radio and Television Festival on Thursday with the slogan "Pentecostal Union: Symbolism and Symbolism", Suleiman said that many Egyptian artists participate as guests in the festival's honor, including the artist. Rogina and the artist Majed Al-Masri as well as the participation of numerous Egyptian artists in the committees of the jury.

On the most important thing that distinguishes the celebration of the festival from the rest of the past years, Suleiman explained that this media, artistic and technological demonstration is considered the oldest in the Arab world and has a special significance this year because it is associated with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the transmission of the Arab states.

He underlined the presence of the pioneers of the Union and of all those who had an impact on its march from all the Arab countries at the inauguration, will exceed the number of participants and honor eighty people and will also participate in numerous seminars on march of the union.

"A group of the brightest Arab artists will celebrate the opening ceremony tomorrow, led by the Tunisian Symphony Orchestra, led by Master Mohamed Bouslama, and dedicated to the cultural diversity and artistic richness of the Arab region, participating in the celebration of the brilliant Syrian artist Lina Chamamian, unique in its musical style Revive the Syrian, Armenian and other heritage, as well as the nascent Bahraini singer Faisal Al Ansari, the ceremony will be an occasion to celebrate the guests of honor and honor the ; elite of creators and actors in the Arab broadcasting field.

Suleiman added: "At the end of the festival, on June 30th, the 20th edition of the 20th edition of the festival will conclude by organizing an artistic concert in which the State of Palestine will provide the artistic and musical aspect, as a guest of & # 39; honor for this session. He won the title of "Arab Idol" and will be accompanied by the Jafra group for the Palestinian Dabke, in addition to the artist Nancy Hawa and actor Hossam Abu Eisha in Skatch or Stand Up Comedy.

He emphasized that the current session of the festival will see as usual the (Espo Exhibition) on about one thousand square meters with the participation of producers and actors of audio and video in the field of audiovisual equipment, in addition to the creation of a market of software, which represents a window on innovations in the world of technology and the latest productions in the field of artistic creativity and the media. .

He said that for the second consecutive year, the jury committees composed of experts with competence and independence have the task of considering the works nominated for radio and television competitions, which reinforces the principle of transparency which has become a feature of the literature of the festival and dedicates credibility to the evaluation of productions and crowns the most deserving.

As for the festival competitions, Suleiman concluded by stating that the works nominated for the main radio competitions amounted to over 140 works with the participation of 30 public broadcasting organizations and 16 private broadcasting organizations with a total of 134 programs and distributed over 108 works for "main competitions" and 26 works for parallel competitions. "The prizes will be awarded as part of the main radio competition for the two programs" Comedy Drama, Scientific Programs, emphasizing that the value of the first prize for each type is 3000 dollars and the value of the second prize is 1500 dollars. There are also major and parallel television competitions with a total of 143 works. N a series of series and evening social dramas and comedy produced by the years 2018 and 2019.

The Arab radio and television festival is an annual festival starting from the 2016 cycle, organized every two years by deliberation with the Festival of the Arab song, and one of its objectives is to contribute to the development of Arab radio and television production and increase its level so as to satisfy the aspirations of the member bodies and the principles for which they work. In addition to monitoring the innovative trends and series of Arab radio and television production and encouraging them to develop creative Arab energies in this field.

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