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In developed countries, two out of ten people have interacted with digital currencies in the last three months. The encrypted usability continues to attract more users in the industry and the need for user identification is becoming an area of ​​concern and that is why the DigiByte (DGB) technology is needed to keep you protected.

With the increasing mobile money transfer increasing, hackers are increasing their game and are targeting your mobile money and cryptocurrency through the crypto and the SIM jack.However, with the Digi-ID technology, the their days in the field appear numbered

Launched in 2014, DigiByte became a global Recognition late2017 when the rises increased, since then the currency has grown steadily to record a growth of more than 9,000% amid a mountain market Russians.The January DGB price hike has always been a good measure of its performance in the future.

Why the DigiByte (DGB) increases attention

The DigiByte website states that the system is "the fastest, longest and most secure and decentralized UTXO blockchain in the world" and has lived up to expectations. Observing the blocking times of the platform, the statement is true. The blocks arrive every 15 seconds and the speeds have never changed since the genesis block in 2014. This makes the Bitcoin look like an amateur in the industry.

At the moment, network speeds have been impressive. It manages 560 TPS with respect to the handling speed of Ethereum and Bitcoin of 15 and 7 TPS respectively. The DigiByte ecosystem plans to reach 280,000 TPS by 2035. The investor is not worried about system congestion, although the platform will continue to be adopted to a greater extent.

In addition to the current 560TPS, the currency is home to over 70,000 node operators across the network. This is a true decentralized outfit and has allowed the ranking of the 31 coins by market capitalization. DGB was intended to streamline the ever-increasing demand in the gaming industry, but due to technical complications complicated by DoS (Denial of Service) attacks, the vision went out.

New Look DigiByte (DGB) [19659002] DigiByte has evolved into a platform that offers high-level security features through the open source ID system; the Digi-ID. This is a very effective feature that saves users of digital resources from the agony of using their username and password every time they access their online funds.

Digi-ID protects crypto users from criminals and hackers who hide themselves everywhere to tap into personal information to steal your crypto. All you need is the Digi-ID pin or use the fingerprint detection feature to access your online wallet; a move that has proven to keep hackers away from your personal information online.

With this infallible system, you can not transmit any data or information that hackers monitor. With the continued acceptance of technology, mobile giants are trying Digi-ID to integrate into their system to curb the growing instances of SIM-jacking that are on the rise making mobile money sending and receiving insecurities. The recent AT & T sim-jacking is a clear indication of the direction cybernetics and crypto-criminality are taking and DigiByte has a timely solution for this.

DigiByte Partners worthy of note

At one point, DigiByte collaborated with Minecraft and League of Legends. However, it seems that the relationship has been going on gradually as the blockchain group has shifted the focus from the gaming industry to offer tailor-made security systems via Digi-ID. This was a big incentive for DGB and its impact still keeps the currency among the currencies met in the industry.

As a new dress with a new product, DigiByte has attracted the attention of Microsoft who saw it added on Azure but the news, as the Minecraft and League of Legends seems to have died with the hype. The outfit blockchain has unveiled a new strategic investor, Invest more carefully to bring its spend-skill program to the next level

Investa is a financial services provider and the partnership with DigiByte will see the coin incorporated into its debit cards and users will be able to access their DGB through Investa's growing ATM network. This will help the DGB currency to gain stability in the market and become a better value-oriented asset of the future.

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