Devvio to Debut The fastest and most scalable Blockchain platform in the world


Devvio presents the Devv Blockchain, designed for business use, at CES 2019

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico is LAS VEGAS, 9 January 2019 / PRNewswire / –

Devvio has announced its presence at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with its Devv blockchain technology, a high-performance next-gen blockchain protocol that addresses the biggest challenges of blockchain, such as cost, scalability, stability, privacy and fraud / theft / loss, all in one solution. CES provides 4,500 exhibiting technology companies with over 180,000 people in over 155 countries. Devvio will show Devv Blockchain in highly secure business use cases, such as financial services, data management, privacy, logistics and identity. Devvio's ultra-fast blockchain can process over 8 million on-chain transactions per second, on a global public blockchain, and can process transactions at 1 / 100,000th the cost of other DApp platforms, making it the ideal blockchain platform for business applications.

Devvio will show a working version of his blockchain Devv in his CES exhibitor stand located at Tech West, Sands Expo, Level 2 at booth number 44922. In addition, Tom Anderson will give a thought leadership speech to the Digital Money Forum on January 8th is located in Venice, level 4, Lando 4202. Tom will describe how to achieve a blockchain scale, in a thought leadership session together with other industry leaders such as Tim Draper is Jonathan Johnson.

"This is Devvio coming out," he said Tom Anderson, founder and CEO of Devvio. "This is the first time that we publish our Devv Blockchain publicly, and CES is an ideal conference to showcase all our work over the past two years, as most of our potential business customers have a strong presence in this country. I will speak at the Digital Money Forum, it will be an exciting show for Devvio and for me it represents the beginning of our journey to become the leader in the blockchain space ".

For more information on Devvio's blockchain technology, visit the Devvio website or contact the contact information directly below.

About Devvio Inc.

Devvio Inc. has created the fastest, most scalable and most affordable blockchain solution in the world. Devvio's mission is to allow the world's infrastructure to transfer value. For more information on Devvio's visit and join its official telegram channel at the address .


For more information on Devvio Inc, please contact:
Tom Anderson, CEO

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