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Deviant Coin (DEV) is a privacy-based cryptocurrency that aims to provide users with a healthy and safe cryptographic experience. The Singapore-based blockchain startup has just released its white paper (DEX) decentralized hybrid Exchange, and is about to release its new specialized hardware portfolio (DEX).

Deviant Coin is strongly focused on the priority of user interests by making this a utility-based currency, via POS and the main node.

DEVX Hybrid Exchange

DEVX is a decentralized BTS-based hybrid exchange, which will support instantaneous transactions and will offer Coin Deviant holders the opportunity to receive dividends from the exchange

The Ecological Hybrids have recently arisen in an attempt to merge all the strengths of centralized and decentralized exchanges, removing all their various weaknesses.

Hybrid exchanges conduct trade in values ​​and settlements on the blockchain of the pair of cryptographic assets traded, but all non-settlement activities are handled out of the chain. This method allows the exchange to offer the performances, costs and functionalities expected by the main professional traders.

Hardware Wallet

Deviant Coin Hardware's portfolio will join DEVX to create the industry's first three-factor authentication, providing maximum security for the crypto-community. Deviant Coin is available for the complete list of mainstream platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linus, Android, iOS and even the Github source code.

DeviantCoin is currently working hard to release its specialized hardware portfolio that will not only be durable but, sure. The portfolio will be open source, as the hardware portfolios are essential for secure transactions and should be available to anyone.

Users can join the mailing list of the Deviant Coin hardware portfolio, to be the first in line for this new technological progress. Deviant Coin is planning a prototype version Q3 for the hardware portfolio.

About Deviant Coin

Deviant Coin is a decent decentralized network of Masternodes without superfluous control and intermediaries / gatekeepers with more than 90% pure PoS Block reward phase and guarantees fast and secure transactions, multiple portfolios, encrypted messaging, invisible address for complete anonymity, low number of confirmations,

low rates and a limited number of total coins for a faster increase in value. Since the main nodes are constantly connected to the network and perform certain tasks, this allows the currency to obtain faster and more private transactions.

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