Deviantly Focused Privacy Coin Announces Whitepaper, Cryptocurrency Exchange and Hardware Release


Since the blockchain world is the goal of a series of recent and well-publicized hack and online privacy is regular news, it should come as no surprise that emerging cryptocurrency companies desperately want to prove their security credentials data. Therefore, many are strengthening their defenses with the goal of providing the safest possible systems, to alleviate the fears of potential supporters and users alike, without which their platforms simply would not be profitable. Deviant Coin focused on privacy is one of these projects, and this week announced the release of its white paper, Hardware Wallet and DEVX exchange.

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What Is Deviant Coin?

According to its creators, Deviant Coin (DEV) based in Singapore […] is a "privacy-based cryptocurrency that aims to provide users with a healthy and safe cryptographic experience". More specifically, corporate advertising material describes the platform as a "well decentralized network of masternodes without superfluous control and intermediaries / gatekeepers". This makes transactions extremely fast and secure, as the masternodes are in constant contact with the network and are used to manage certain activities. Deviant Coin is based on utility and strongly oriented to the interests of its user base, with multi-cryptocurrency portfolios, encrypted messaging, anonymous stealth addresses and a low number of confirmation requirements. Deviant Coin is available for all major platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and the Github source code.

With its white paper and newly released DEVX (Decentralized Hybrid Exchange), the company will soon distribute its specialized hardware portfolio.

DEVX Hybrid Exchange

DEVX is classified as a decentralized hybrid exchange based on BTS (Bitshares) technology. Recently hybrid cryptocurrency exchanges have emerged, with the aim of combining the advantages of centralized and decentralized exchanges. With hybrid stock exchanges, trading takes place on the blockchain, but all non-settlement activities are handled outside the chain. This method makes hybrid exchanges convenient, making them attractive for traders of professional currencies.

According to its creators, Deviant Coin will offer instant transactions, as well as allowing Deviant Coin holders to receive dividends from the exchange.

Deviant Coin Imminent's hardware portfolio

Deviant Coin's hardware portfolio currently under development will work with DEVX, creating the first three-factor authentication of the blockchain industry and providing the highest level of security for users . Furthermore, the portfolio will be open source and durable construction. A prototype of the Deviant Coin device is scheduled for release during the third quarter of 2018.

Moving Forward

With the blockchain world becoming an increasingly competitive arena, and privacy and security issues in the minds of practically everyone involved, low-level enthusiasts for the main potential supporters, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Deviant Coin aims to do just that by satisfying all parties with its strong focus on privacy and functionality. If it succeeds in this, there may be a bright future ahead of the Deviant Coin platform.

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