Despite the decline in encryption, Nvidia will see revenue increase this quarter


Analysts polled by FactSet suggest that Nvidia will see an increase in revenue in the quarter despite the "waning" mining of cryptocurrencies, according to Marketwatch on August 10th. The alleged increase is due to the strong demand for gaming devices and data centers.

While analysts suggest that company revenues from mining cryptographic hardware will decline, the US-based graphics processing unit (GPU) manufacturer will see significant growth in game and server sales. Nvidia's gaming industry is expected to grow 47 percent to $ 1.75 billion year-on-year, while data center revenue will increase by 78 percent to $ 740 million.

C.J. Muse, an analyst at Evercore, agrees with other analysts, stating that "the data center / AI remains an area of ​​strength, particularly when considering the additional benefit of a new game cycle that favors Nvidia. " He added:

a probable decline in the Ethereum GPU extraction force driven by cryptocurrency is largely exaggerated, and Nvidia will likely feed any rigorous comparison with cryptocurrency tailwinds. "

In May, Nvidia reported that it generated $ 289 million from processor sales to market cryptography.Nvidia's first-quarter crypt sales amounted to more than 9 percent of the company's total revenue, which was $ 3. , 2 billion

Cryptocurrency chips accounted for 76 percent of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) revenue, which was 115 percent from the previous quarter, but Nvidia suggested that sales to the encrypted market would likely decline by two third parties in the second quarter

In July, the company's estimates showed that the price of specialized GPUs decreased along with falling prices in digital currency markets.Nvidia's main competitor, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), revealed to April 10% of the company's revenue during the quarter was attributed to blockchain or mining, although the company's CEO Lisa Su claimed ato that blockchain is "a little distraction in the short term. "

The fall in mining hardware prices did not dissuade manufacturers from producing new mining encryption hardware In May, ASUS announced the release of its" second generation "cryptocurrency motherboard, which was expected in North America at the beginning of the third quarter of 2018.

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