Desktop Alert Inc. invests in blockchain as new business cases emerge


CHATHAM, N.J., 29 September 2018 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Desktop Alert Inc. to provide mass notification products and services to municipalities in health organizations and the United States via Blockchain technology. The blockchain has evolved in recent years and more and more health systems are realizing that they have to invest as a preparation for its "imminent break", according to Deloitte Deloitte.

"For its Global Blockchain Survey of 2018, Deloitte has interviewed more than 1,000 executives across the globe, from all sectors: nearly three quarters (74 percent) of all respondents said their organizations see a" compelling business case " "for the use of blockchain, and they are planning their technology investments accordingly."

"Blockchain technology is the power for people at the end of the day: Using Blockchain technology, organizations no longer have to concentrate or delay with institutional funding (banks) or government funding. Autonomy and ROI return directly to the customer. / to the community, Blockchain can do for companies what the Internet has done to communicate, IBM is in agreement, "he said Howard Ryan, Founder Desktop Alert Inc.

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Desktop Alert is a leading provider of emergency communications and mass communication products and services for the US Department of Defense, the federal government and first responders worldwide. Its innovative and patented software has been internationally recognized as "Best Mass Notification" and "Best First Responder Interoperable Communications". Desktop Alert provides a suite of scalable, flexible and adaptable communication, collaboration and adaptability tools in environments ranging from austere terrestrial infrastructure support, without terrestrial infrastructure, to completely modern solutions with extensive legacy and IP systems integration. Desktop Alert optimizes the flow of communications with timely and accurate information to ensure effective decision-making, coordination, proactive engagement of the community and public awareness.

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