Deepenings of cryptocurrency with sentiment and social analysis?


What's TheTie?

Tie it is a platform that provides predictive analysis of the feeling of cryptocurrency, fundamental insights and market data for investors, allowing them to be more informed and active on the market. The in-depth forum on cryptocurrency is fueled by social sentiment. The institutional level platform is also designed for retail and professional investors. The platform is a powerful tool for searching for tokens and for identifying trading opportunities.

Like TheTie Crypto insights with social feelings and analytical work

Predictive Sentiment Analytics is provided by the platform with the support of predictive forecasting data and price projections, which are powered by analysis of social markets that are considered reliable by the world's leading financial companies.

The provision of fundamental data involves in-depth data on the two hundred main cryptocurrencies of the market. The platform contains a data set of nearly two thousand cryptographic executives, details of initial token distribution and cryptographic profiles. The platform provides market data on prices, supply and market capitalization data on over 280 cryptocurrencies on its system.

Portfolio assistance is also available on the platform, which allows users to track open and closed positions in coins. The platform supports direct integration with the exchange of the user, thus allowing you to send your operations automatically to Tie for investment purposes.

Through the platform, users receive trading alerts that can be activated in their e-mails or via SMS and Twitter, DM. Users select from hundreds of available criteria to be able to receive alerts on a particular currency, on their wallet or on any other currency on the platform.

Users can also change the general layout of the coin page for their specific tastes through the addition of metrics they prefer such as volume tweets, NVT reports and simple 50-day moving averages. This ensures that they can more closely affect the information displayed by the platform. There is the availability of short-term sentiment scores in which users can compare the current sentiment of all cryptocurrencies and then visualize the correlation between the sentiment of each currency and the future price.

Users can compare the general accountability of each currency using the price projections of an hour, which is the expected percentage change in the price of a specific currency within a period of one hour. This data point is recalculated in every minute and is based on the current sentiment of a currency and on the correlation between sentiment and the price of money.

TheTre Benefits

Coins monitoring

Users can track the movement of cryptocurrency on a daily basis in terms of price changes, market capitalization and their volume that enables them to make informed decisions when it comes to investments.


The page layout of the coins can be modified and modified according to the user's specifications and what they prefer for the system to be displayed. They can add to the layout the volume of tweets and moving averages of coins.


Platform users can get trading alerts that can be operated through various platforms to help them invest. Users select how they get notices about changes in a specific currency or in their wallets.

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