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Decentraland, a virtual world owned by decentralized users on the Ethereum blockchain, plans to invest $ 5 million to fund blockchain projects based on the Decentraland platform. To this end, he created the Genesis Content Program, through which game developers can submit proposals for "blockchain games" and "interactive experiences" that can be built on Decentraland.

In a recently published Medium post, the company says it plans to "host larger and more ambitious projects" on its platform. The company says the new program will help encourage "innovation and growth in decentralized online gaming" plus $ 5 million in project financing, to be shared among key candidates.

With the Decentraland platform, game developers present a new and unexplored opportunity to design "virtual experiences" through blockchain-based games. Developers can provide these experiences on the platform by monetizing them with tokens.

Using LAND

To build these blockchain games in Decentraland, developers must control the LAND on which they host their games. An EARTH is a virtual piece of property that can be purchased through Decentraland Marketplace. Game developers must develop their games to "adapt to the packet boundaries" of their LAND as the "game space" occupied by each game is limited. While the platform makes room for games that can be reached at a distance within the virtual city, developers will continue to request a LAND package, at least, to host and run the games.

Decentraland believes that diversity will be encouraged in the games built on the platform, as there is a distributed ownership. Unlike traditional MMO games or VR platforms that have central properties, Decentraland offers a shared and "open source" hub for building distributed games that can be hosted on multiple packages. The virtual reality company claims to adopt a "web-first" approach following Google's guide to "stimulate a low-poly aesthetic", which will optimize the experience for users regardless of the device used.

Decentraland has a list of genres that it believes suits its platform, and these include treasure hunts, loot slot games, crafting and more.

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