DEA American criminals "really want" to continue using Bitcoin


A US Drug Enforcement Administration agent told the mainstream press that he "wants" that criminals use cryptocurrencies because it makes them easier to follow.

"I want to keep them"

Speaking with Bloomberg on 7 August, Lilita Infante, who participates in the 10-person Task Force Cyber ​​Investigative of the agency, said the investigators have "a lot of tools "to monitor criminal activity thanks to Blockchain.

"The blockchain actually provides us with many tools to be able to identify people," he told the publication.

Actually I would like them to continue to use [cryptocurrencies]. "

Bitcoin has long addressed critics' demands that criminals from drug traffickers to money launderers benefit from its existence and regulators should take steps to monitor and even limit freedom

  US Drug Enforcement Administration

By presenting the results of DEA's recent research, however, Infante revealed that the percentage of Bitcoin-related criminal activities had fallen from 90% in 2013 to only 10% in 2018.

assets not traders of kidneys

At the same time, he acknowledged, the total number of transactions exploded.

"The volume has grown enormously, the amount of transactions and the dollar the value has grown enormously over the years in criminal activity, but the relationship has diminished, "he continued.

Most transactions are used for speculation and prices. "

Speaking of altcoin, in particular Monero and Zcash, whose privacy-centric technology also came into play by opponents, Infante said that these were not outside the radar DEAs

" We still have ways to track them down, "he added

More recently, it was price speculation that gave regulators a new headache.

Taxation, for example, became a focal point for US authorities seeking to fill the gaps in gains from trade, which the overwhelming majority of US residents do not report in. Coinbase, the country's largest exchange, has faced a lengthy legal fight with tax collectors # 39; access to user data.

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