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Daily pricing of Ethereum Classic (ETC) – 28 November

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Medium-term trend ETC / USD: variable

Offer levels: $ 5.50, $ 6.50, $ 7.50
Demand levels: $ 3.50, $ 2.50, $ 1.50

The ETC / USD market fluctuated around November 23 until the $ 5 and $ 4 levels so far. Unlike a few days ago, all trading indicators are now also found within the above market levels.

The crypt characterized the lowest lows and the lower highs of the ETC / USD traded a little above the lower limit of the range about two days ago. Today, the couple has basically been witness to a number of lower maxima below the 50-day SMA trendline. Bollinger Bands are located under the 50-day SMA. The stochastic oscillators point north a little below the 80 range.

Although the crypt is gaining momentum, it is still not obvious to suggest a lucid position for the return of a strong uptrend.

Short-term trend ETC / USD: bullish

On November 26 and 27 this week, the ETC / USD market saw a range change of around $ 4.40 and $ 4.20 marks. The upper range brand was finally surpassed to the north towards the last trading sessions on 27 November.

Today, the crypto-market experienced for the first time a lower number of peaks than the 50-day SMA, but the crypt added a catalyst to visibly push north with the upper Bollinger Band. Both the 50-day SMA and the Bollinger central band are now around the $ 4.40 mark. Stochastic Oscillators have moved into the overbought zone to apparently consolidate within it.

The current bullish trend has found a key point at $ 4.40, and this could suggest an end to the current bullish trend if a correction is strongly against it.

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