Daily analysis of Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple Daily – 30/09/18


Bitcoin cash under pressure

Bitcoin Cash fell 0.35% on Saturday, after the 5.15% pullback on Friday, to close the day at $ 537.6, the daily losses are not enough to reverse the gain for the current week, Bitcoin Cash up of the 9.71% from Monday to Saturday.

A bearish start to the day saw Bitcoin Cash drop to an intraday first day of $ 510.6 before finding support, while Bitcoin Cash surpassed the first major day support level at $ 520.

By recovering the morning, Bitcoin Cash reached a late morning intraday high of $ 562.6, surpassing the first major resistance level at $ 565.9, before returning to $ 530 and a limited afternoon.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin Cash dropped 1.14% to $ 532.5, with Saturday's end-of-day withdrawal continuing into the early hours of this morning, Bitcoin's money fell from the start a day high $ 538.6 to a minimum of $ 529 before recovering $ 530 levels.

For the day ahead, a return to the morning level will sustain a break up to $ 550 levels, with a possible afternoon rebound in the larger markets that will likely bring the first major resistance level of the day to $ 563.27, even if the sentiment will have to materially improve for Bitcoin Cash to be able to exit $ 550 levels.

The non-ascent of the morning high at $ 540 could see another Bitcoin Cash success later in the day, a stoppage stop in the low morning of $ 529 that will likely sell lower levels to $ 520, while the first major daily support level $ 511.27 can be left untested, except for particularly negative news affecting the wires.


Litecoin sees more red than green

Litecoin fell 0.45% on Saturday, after a 2.38% drop on Friday, to close the day at $ 61.46. The losses of the day have marked 5th in 6 days, leaving Litecoin up by 0.26% for the current week, the rise of 10.3% on Thursday, but all swept away.

Following the broader market, Litecoin sold its first major daily support level of $ 59.59 to an intraday low of $ 59.05 before a late morning recovery to an intraday high of $ 62.39, the highest of day short of the first main resistance level at $ 64.15.

A limited interval 2ND half the day saw Litecoin keep up to $ 61 levels until the end of the day.

At the time of writing, Litecoin was down 1.3% to $ 60.65, Litecoin dropped from a morning high of $ 61.5 to a minimum of $ 60.23 in the morning before finding support, the largest Support and resistance levels of the day have not been tested.

For the next day, a return to the levels of $ 61 and the morning high would support a $ 62 level run to bring the first resistance level higher to $ 62.88, even if Litecoin will have to move to $ 62 levels. by early afternoon to support a weekend rally.

Failure to return to the $ 61 level could see Litecoin claiming greater success throughout the day, a fall of $ 60 to test the first important level of support of the day at $ 59.54 on the cards if Litecoin did not pass and keep $ 61. levels by early afternoon.


Ripple Makes land

In contrast to the broader market trend, Ripple's XRP rose 5.17% on Saturday, after a fall of 0.55% on Friday, to close the day at $ 0.56792.

Returning to an early morning at $ 0.523, Ripple's XRP surpassed its first major support level at $ 0.5174 before the start of a large market rally. A late-morning rally saw Ripple's XRP exceed the first resistance level at $ 0.5575 and the second highest resistance level at $ 0.5751 at an intraday high $ 0.5973.

Pulling back to $ 0.55 in the early afternoon, a delayed withdrawal saw Ripple's XRP return to $ 0.57 levels before ending the day at $ 0.56 levels.

At the time of writing, Ripple's XRP grew 0.35% to $ 0.57112, recovering from a low start of the day to $ 0.56182 to a maximum of $ 0.57577 before stabilizing, the days when the main levels of support and resistance have not been tested.

For the next day, keeping up to $ 0.57 during the morning will support a $ 0.585 move to bring in $ 0.59 levels, while wider market support would be needed for Ripple's XRP to overcome the $ 0.60 levels to test the first main level support at $ 0.6025.

Failure to hold $ 0.57 in the morning could see Ripple's XRP return up to $ 0.56182 to take home $ 0.54 levels, a large sell-off market that can bring back Ripple's XRP down $ 0.523 on Saturday to test the first major support level at $ 0.5282 before any recovery.


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