Daily analysis of Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple Daily – 29/07/18


Bitcoin Cash stands at $ 800

Bitcoin Cash gained 0.44% on Saturday, after rising 2.15% on Friday, to close the day at $ 824.

A relatively early start choppy of the day saw the recovery of Bitcoin Cash a day start drops to a low morning $ 813.1 a top intraday $ 828.2 before going into reverse until an early afternoon low intraday $ 801.5. The day's moves left maximum support and resistance levels untested throughout the day, with Bitcoin Cash continuing to fall well below $ 900 and 23.6% of the $ 930 FIB Retracetment, leaving the downtrend.

At the time of Bitcoin Cash rose 0.25% to $ 825.9, with a bullish momentum from late Saturday continued at the start of the day, Bitcoin Cash exceeded the first main resistance level at $ 834 , 3 at the start of a day high $ 842.5 before returning to $ 820 levels.

For the day ahead, a return to $ 830 levels will bring the second highest level of support into play at $ 844.6, while we expect Bitcoin Cash to continue to fall by $ 900 and the FIB retracement level 23.6% of $ 930.

Failure to return to $ 840 levels could see Bitcoin Cash retreat at the start of a low day of $ 822.9 to bring the first level of primary support into play at $ 807.6 before any recovery, Bitcoin Cash should continue to maintain the $ 800 levels by the end of the day.

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Litecoin Slips

Litecoin has slipped 0.6% Saturday, partially reversing the 1.27% gain on Friday to close the day at $ 84.01.

A first bearish day saw Litecoin slip from a high intraday start of the day $ 84.7 to a low early-afternoon intraday $ 82.51, holding just above the first major support level at $ 82.36 before recovering in the afternoon at $ 84 levels, the first main resistance level at $ 85.91 was not tested on the day.

While Litecoin managed to avoid continuing a string of new intraday lows, the downtrend of the intraday highs continued as Litecoin slid further back from $ 90 levels and the 23.6% FIB Retracement Level of $ 98. [19659014] At the time of writing, Litecoin had risen 0.23% to $ 84.18, with Litecoin exceeding the first resistance level at $ 84.97 at the start of a day high $ 85.25 before returning to $ 84 and a low $ 84. [19659015] For the next day, keep above $ 83.74 until the morning will support a run back through the first major resistance level at $ 84.97 to $ 85 levels for bring the second level of resistance higher at $ 85.93, although the sentiment will have to materially improve for Litecoin eye $ 86 levels in the day.

Failure to hold above $ 83.74 in the morning could see Litecoin returning in the low morning of $ 84 to bring the first level of major support to $ 82.78 in play, with the lack of a weekend likely to see Litecoin bring support levels of $ 82 into play before any recovery.

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Ripple finds support

The XRP of Ripple rose 0.76% on Saturday, after gaining 1.48% on Friday, to end the day at $ 0.45821.

A positive start to the day saw Ripple's XRP move up to a high of $ 0.45872, before returning to an intraday early afternoon at $ 0.44568, following the broader market after the central part of the day.

An afternoon session saw Ripple's XRP rebound to $ 0.45 levels with a late intraday at the end of $ 0.4592, the passages during the day leaving tested unconfirmed levels of support and resistance, with the Ripple XRP continuing to fall well past $ 0.50 levels and 23.6% FIB Retracement level at $ 0.5528.

At the time of writing, Ripple's XRP was down 0.72% to $ 0.45295, with a start to a day of wide-ranging as Ripple's XRP broke through to $ 0.46 levels and a maximum of $ 0.4623 before reporting the levels to $ 0.45, the main levels of support and resistance were not tested in the early part of the day.

For the next day, a return to $ 0.4544 will support a return to $ 0.46 to bring the first big resistance the $ 0.4630 level back into play, while the $ 0.47 will likely remain out of reach .

Failure to relegate up to $ 0.4544 in the morning could see Ripple's XRP return to $ 0.45 levels to test support for the first major level support at $ 0.4495, with possible distortions market based on large odds of seeing the second main support level at $ 0.4408 in play before any recovery.

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