Daily analysis of Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple Daily – 19/08/18


Bitcoin's liquidity vanishes

Bitcoin's liquidity slipped by 8.5% on Saturday, partly reversing the 16.77% gain on Friday, to close the day at $ 553.9.

A $ 610 high intraday start of the day, which fell to the first major resistance level at $ 633.2, was the only bullish move of the day, with Bitcoin Cash exceeding the first level of main support at $ 543.3 for an intraday in the late afternoon low $ 533.9, before recovering to $ 550.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin Cash dropped 1.63% to $ 544, 8, with the momentum from Saturday's sell-off to the early hours, Bitcoin's cashcoin fell from a day's start of $ 544.2 to a minimum of $ 539.7 before recovering to $ 540. [19659003] the next day a pass up to $ 565 will support a run at the first major resistance level of $ 597.57 to bring back $ 600, with Bitcoin Cash keeping the $ 540 levels up until the morning to sustain a recovery afternoon.

Bankruptcy to go through to $ 560 levels could see Bitcoin Cash have a greater success throughout the day, with any drop up to $ 540 levels that could bring the first level of support to $ 521.47.

The biggest sell-off on Saturday was a further test of investor sensitivity to volatility, with downward fluctuations early on Saturday morning, investors fear being involved in a sells more material, leaving Bitcoin Cash in the hands of the cryptic bears. [19659003]   {alt}

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Litecoin Back in $ 50

Litecoin fell 7.25% on Saturday, reversing most of the gain of 11 , 25% on Friday, to end the day at $ 57.34.

Following the broader market trend, Litecoin slipped from an early morning intraday high to $ 62.6 a late afternoon intraday low to $ 55.66, operations later in the day see Litecoin descend to the first level main support for $ 57.29, before recovering $ 57 levels. [19659003] The only good news of that day was the resumption of Litecoin in the first important level of support of the day by the end of the day, the sell-off that reaffirmed the extended bearish trend and the trend of strong contractions from the fund of strong gatherings. [19659003] By the time we write, Litecoin has risen 0.37% to $ 57.6, the first moves that see Litecoin recover from a low day start of $ 56.51, with the highest levels of support and resistance of the day not tested, the first gains of Litecoin in contrast to the broader market trend.

For the day ahead, a run of up to $ 58.5 will support a $ 60 level race to bring the first resistance level up to $ 61.41, although we can expect Litecoin to endure a lot of resistance. # 39; approach to $ 60 should the broader market sentiment does not improve throughout the day.

Failure to qualify for $ 58 could see Litecoin's downtrend during the low morning of $ 56.51 to bring the first major support level of the day to $ 54.47 in play, with a reversal of trend depending on whether the broader market can recover from further losses in the early hours of this morning.

While maintaining the $ 57 levels during the morning will be crucial, Litecoin will hardly manage to reverse the trend the whole day.


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Ripple Holds for $ 0.30

Ripple's XRP slipped by 11.2% on Saturday , partially reversing 25.23% on Friday of the rally, to end the day at $ 0.32734.

Withdrawing from an intraday high day $ 0.37267, Ripple's XRP dropped to a late afternoon intraday of $ 0.3125, invoking support at the first level of primary support for $ 0.3129 before recovering to $ 0.32 levels, Ripple & # 39; s XRP managed to avoid a continued sell-off until the end of the day.

At the time of writing, Ripple's XRP was down 1.37% to $ 0.32131, with the Ripple XRP retreating from a start of $ 0, 32794 high at a low morning $ 0.31781, b Prior to recovery at $ 0.32 levels.

For the day ahead, a run of up to $ 0.33 and $ 0.3375 will support a run of $ 0.35 for bringing the first resistance level up to $ 0.3625, even if Ripple's XRP will attract $ 0.36 levels, sentiment across the broader market will have to improve materially and a move up to $ 0.33 should take place by morning.

Failure to move to $ 0.33 could see Ripple's XRP pick up more success throughout the day, with any relegation up to the minimum of $ 0.31781 in the morning bringing $ 0.31 into play and the first major support level of the day at $ 0.3023 in play, although we expect Ripple's XRP to avoid levels below $ 0.31 after Saturday's reversal.


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