Daily analysis of Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple Daily – 15/09/18

Bitcoin Cash Resumes recovery

Bitcoin Cash decreased 3.84%, partially reversing the 7.42% aid rally on Thursday, to close the day at $ 445.9, the moves during the week that allowed Bitcoin Cash to fall by 7.39%, from Monday to Friday. [19659003]

A positive start to the day saw Bitcoin Cash move up to a high intraday of $ 476.2, before retiring, the day's top short of the first resistance level of $ 484.13. A late-morning sale led Bitcoin Cash to an intraday early afternoon of $ 439.2, outperforming the day's first major support level of $ 438.03 before a partial recovery.

At the time of publication, Bitcoin Cash was up 0.55% to $ 449.5, with Bitcoin rising from a minimum of $ 445.9 to a maximum of $ 457.4 in the morning before shrinking, the highest levels of support and resistance of the day have not been tested. [19659003]

For the next day, back in the morning would have supported a $ 460 level run to bring the first major resistance level of the day to $ 468.33, even if the Cash Bitcoins will have to pass and hold on $ 453 in the early part of the day to support the start of a weekend rally.

Non-relegation up to $ 450 could see Bitcoin Cash returning later in the day, with a decline of $ 445.9 for levels below $ 440 and the first major level of support for the day at $ 431.33 at stake, although we would expect Bitcoin Cash to avoid the main levels of support of the day, excluding materially negative news affecting the wires.


Litecoin Bucks the Trend

Litecoin earned 2.99% on Friday after the 5.73% rally on Thursday to close the day at $ 56.23, two consecutive days of gains that brought Litecoin into positive territory for the week, Litecoin up 2.42% from Monday to Friday.

A relatively rough start to the day saw Litecoin returning from $ 55.01 to an early afternoon low intraday of $ 52.92 before finding support, the day's low was lower than the first major support level at $ 52. , 27. Litecoin rebounded in the afternoon, surpassing the first main resistance level of $ 56.27 and the second resistance level of $ 57.94 to an intraday high of $ 58.9, before going down to $ 56, Litecoin in countertrend to the broader market of the day.

At the time of writing, Litecoin was up 0.37% to $ 56.54, with Litecoin following the broader market in the early hours, rising to a maximum of $ 57.82 in the morning before slowing down, the morning lows of $ 56.05 at the start of the day.

For the next day, keeping the levels of $ 56 until the morning should hold another run at $ 58, to bring the first major resistance level to $ 59.11, even though we expect that Litecoin has difficulty overcoming $ 59 a day.

Failure to reach $ 56 in the morning could see Litecoin returning in the low morning of $ 56.05 to put the $ 55 levels in play, while Litecoin will avoid the first major day support level of $ 53, 13, exceptionally negative news that affect the wires.


Rippling on the defensive

Ripple's XRP slipped by 1.18% on Friday, partially reversing the 3.5% gain on Thursday, ending the day at $ 0.27618, Friday's withdrawal leaving Ripple XRP down 0.34% for the week, Monday through Friday.

A bullish start to the day saw Ripple's XRP shift to an early morning intraday high $ 0.28523, the high of the day within reach of the first main resistance level of the day at $ 0.2877 before pulling back, a late morning inversion seeing Ripple's XRP fall in an intraday early afternoon of $ 0.271.

Recovering up to $ 0.28213, Ripple's XRP failed to keep earnings by the end of the day, with Ripple's XRP failing to close at $ 0.28 after 7 September.

At the time of writing, Ripple's XRP was up 0.53% to $ 0.27745. Early in the morning he left the maximum support of the day and the untested resistance levels, with the Ripple XRP that hit a maximum of $ 0.28 before returning to keep just above the start of a day of $ 0.27599.

For the next day, holding above $ 0.275 until the morning would hold another run at $ 0.28 levels to bring the first resistance level higher to $ 0.2839, with any broad Market rallies that will probably support a run at $ 0.29 levels, though we would expect Ripple's XRP to have difficulty maintaining levels of $ 0.29 in the event of a move.

Failure to hold more than $ 0.275 could see the reverse of Ripple's XRP the next day, with the first major level of support for the day at $ 0.2697 certainly at stake, though we expect large support at $ 0.27 for Ripple's XRP levels to avoid the main levels of support of the day, unless the broader market is hit by the regulator's terrible news.


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