Daily analysis of Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple Daily – 12/08/18


Bitcoin Cash Finds Support Early

Bitcoin Cash fell 1.07% on Saturday, after slipping 6.33% on Friday, to close the day at $ 563.8.

An early morning slip saw Bitcoin Cash fall on the first day main support level at $ 545.93 at an intraday low and new swing at $ 536, before recovering to $ 550 levels, a late-day rally seen that Bitcoin Cash reached an intraday high of $ 583.1, the high of the day fell to the first major resistance level at $ 602.93.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin Cash rose 1.38% to $ 570.5, recovering from an initial drop to a low of $ 553.9 in the morning, rising to an early morning of $ 577, 9 high before slowing down, the first moves left the main support and untested resistance levels.

For the day ahead, a return to the levels of $ 577.9 would sustain another run at the first major resistance level of the day at $ 581.3, with any improved sentiment in the broader market that will likely bring the day in and a resistance level greater than $ 598.8 at stake, although it will be a bit of a rally for Bitcoin Cash to make a run at $ 600 levels.

Failure to hold over $ 565 levels early in the morning and go back to the first highs at $ 580 levels could see yielding the initial earnings of Bitcoin Cash, with a low morning pullback of $ 553.9 bringing into play the first major level of support at $ 548.1, subtracting $ 540 levels of support unlikely to be tested in the event of sales. [19659003]   {alt}

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Litecoin Looking for $ 60 Levels

Litecoin fell 1.73% on Saturday, after the slide of 6, 25% on Friday, to end the day he ate $ 58.11.

Following the broader market, Litecoin surpassed its first major support level of $ 57.04 at an initial intraday low and a new swing at $ 55.13, before the late-afternoon revival brought Litecoin to a high intraday of $ 60.3.

of the first major major of the day existence level at $ 62.3, with resistance to $ 60 leaving Litecoin again at $ 60 levels by the end of the day, the extended downward trend steadily intact.

At the time of writing, Litecoin was up 2.65%, a weekend rally in full swing in the early hours.

Recovery from a low day start of $ 57.35, Litecoin has recovered to a high $ 59.99 before slowing down, Litecoin has faced much resistance to $ 60 and the first major resistance level of the day for $ 60.58.

For the next day, a return to the levels of $ 58 will support another run at $ 60, although there will need to be a strong rally in the wider market for Litecoin to exit the first major resistance level of the day at $ 60.58 to avoid a $ 60 end of the weekend.

Livecoin's non-return to $ 58 could bring Litecoin down to the low of $ 57.45 to bring the first major day support level into play at $ 55.39, the downtrend on intraday lo we expected them to continue if the markets reversed during the day.


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Ripple Back in $ 0.30s

Ripple's XRP plummeted by 6.49% on Saturday, after a decline 7.22% on Friday, to end the day at $ 0.29748.

A bearish start to the day saw Ripple's XRP wave go through the first major support level at $ 0.3040 at an early afternoon low intraday and new swing $ 0.28737 before taking back the levels of $ 0.30, Ripple's XRP found support for the second highest level of daily support at $ 0.2887.

The negative sentiment on the entire market has finally weighed, with the Ripple XRP reporting at levels lower than $ 0.30 at the end of the day, with the moves of last week seeing the XRP of Ripple go to the starting point of the pre-December 2017 rally levels.

At the time of writing, Ripple's XRP was up 1.51% to $ 0.30301, with 39; Ripple's XRP picking up from the day's end at the end of a day one morning $ 0.2938 to a maximum of $ 0.30652 before slowing down.

The early part of the day left the main levels of support and resistance untested, while Ripple's XRP managed to keep the levels of $ 0.30 in the early hours.

the next day, a hold greater than $ 0.3023 during the morning would have supported a run of $ 0.31 levels to bring the first resistance level higher to $ 0.3172, while we expected some profit for block any breakout from $ 0.3172 to bring $ 0.33 levels and second resistance level to $ 0.3368 in play.

Failure to win at $ 0.3023 and run at $ 0.31 levels could see Ripple's XRP ripping up to the minimum of $ 0.2939 to bring the first major support into play for $ 0.2826, With a broad market sell-off, you will probably see the Ripple XRP at $ 0.27 levels before any recovery.


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