Daily analysis of Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple Daily – 10/09/18


Bitcoin Cash Steadies

Bitcoin Cash earned 1.65% on Sunday, partially reversing the slide of 4.79% on Saturday, to close the day at $ 481.5. The day's gain led to the end of 6 consecutive days in red which left Bitcoin Cash down 26.1% for the week.

A quick return to a low intraday $ 463 saw Bitcoin Cash avoid the first major support level of the day at $ 455.33, with a late morning rally leading Bitcoin to an intraday early afternoon of $ 495 before go back to $ 480 levels. The first major resistance level at $ 498.93 was not tested on the day to leave the extended bearish trend firmly intact after the low and new Saturday swing at $ 463.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin Cash rose 0.98% to $ 484.1 in what was a relatively uncertain start of the day, Bitcoin Cash has moved from a low morning to $ 477.1 to a high $ 488.7 before retiring, the higher levels of support and resistance of the day have not been tested.

For the next day, keeping the $ 480 levels through the morning would have supported another run at $ 490 levels to bring the first main resistance level of the day to $ 496.67 and $ 500 in play, although weekend news could stop Bitcoin Cash before the EU Finance Ministers meeting on Thursday.

Failure to hook The $ 480 levels in the morning could see Bitcoin Cash renouncing its first gains, with a drop of $ 477.1 in the morning bringing levels below $ 470 and the first major level of support for the day at $ 464.47 int or play, with any slide at levels below $ 460 depending on market sentiment throughout the day.


Litecoin rebounds back

Litecoin gains 3.2% on Sunday, reversing most of Saturday's 4.25% slide, to end the day at $ 54.9 . Sunday earnings reduced Litecoin losses to 17.1% for the week.

Following the broader market, Litecoin slipped to the first intraday day at $ 52.17, maintaining its first major daily support at $ 50.89. A large-scale crypt rally late in the morning supported the late-afternoon intraday transition of $ 56.74, Litecoin testing the first major resistance level at $ 56 before returning to levels below $ 55.

At the time of writing, Litecoin was up 1.72% to $ 55.65, the first gains that came from an early-day move of a minimum of $ 54.63 to a maximum of $ 56.49 in the morning before going back, the moves that did not confirm the highest levels of support and resistance of the day.

the next day, a hold of up to $ 55 would support a $ 56.9 high morning run to bring $ 57 levels and the first major resistance level of the day to $ 57.04 in play, although we can expect Litecoin to face a lot of resistance with the bears firmly in control.

The inability to maintain levels at 55 $ could see Litecoin's decline between lows from 54.63 to 53 dollars, with any wide sell-off in the market that could bring into play the first important level of support of the day at $ 52.47, Litecoin Probably will be on the receiving side after a solid gain on Sunday


Ripple Struggles

Ripple's XRP gained only 0.13 % on Sunday, after the Saturday slide of 3.58%, to end the day at $ 0.27713, with Ripple's XRP ending the week down 18.97%

Following the market broader in the early part of the day, Ripple's XRP recovered from an initial intraday low of $ 0.27075 to clear the first major daily support level at $ 0.2897, with an early afternoon high $ 0 intraday , 2910 before hitting back.

While the broader market faced some selling pressures at the end of the day, Ripple's XRP returned to levels below $ 0.28, erasing the day's earnings.

At that time of writing, Ripple's XRP grew 0.33% to $ 0.27686, with Ripple's XRP moving from a low start of the day to $ 0, 27459 to a maximum of $ 0.28245 in the morning before hitting down, the morning highs short of the first resistance level greater than $ 0.2885. 659003] For the next day, a switch back up to $ 0.28 levels will support another run at the first highest resistance level of the day at $ 0.2885 to bring $ 0.29 into play, even if sentiment on the cryptomarket market continues to be on the bearish side, holding on to $ 0.29 levels could prove to be a challenge in the event of a breakout.

Failure to return to $ 0.28 levels will likely mean Ripple's XRP will be a success later in the day, with the first major support level at $ 0.2683 much in play, the scrambled Newsletters have been particularly rude in recent times, with regulatory jitters blocking Ripple's XRP and the rest of the majors.


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