Daily analysis of Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple Daily – 10/03/18


Bitcoin Cash Back in the Red

Bitcoin Cash fell 0.38% on Tuesday, partially reversing the 0.84% ​​gain on Monday to close the day at $ 531.3.

A particularly busy day saw Bitcoin Cash hit an early morning high intraday high $ 554.2 before hitting the reverse, Bitcoin Cash exceeded the first major resistance level at $ 546.8, while it fell to the second main resistance level at $ 557.9.

The morning and afternoon sell-off saw Bitcoin Cash fall to an intraday low of $ 521.6, calling support at the first major support level at $ 521.8, before recovering to $ 540 levels just to be hit by a second pullback at the end of the day at $ 530 levels.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin Cash fell 2.59% to $ 518.6, with a late turnaround on Tuesday, continuing in the early hours of this morning, Bitcoin's money dropped from $ 534 to early morning, going through the first major support level at $ 517.2, at a low morning $ 514.9 before stabilizing.

For the day ahead, a move in the morning highs at $ 535 will support a $ 540 run to bring the first major resistance level to $ 549.8, while the $ 550 will probably be out of reach in the event of a & # 39; reversal of the first losses.

The inability to go back in the morning could see Bitcoin Cash take a big hit in the early afternoon, with a fall to levels below $ 510 bringing the second highest level of support to play at $ 503.1 before any resumption.


Litecoin strikes the other way around

Litecoin fell 1.69% on Monday, following Monday's loss of 1.39%, to close the day at $ 59.19, the fall marking a 5th consecutive day in red and 9 days in red of the last 11.

Following the broader market, Litecoin rallied to an early morning intraday high of $ 61.3 before a broad market sales success, with the day's high in the range of the first major resistance level at $ 61.59 .

The rollover saw Litecoin slip through the first major support level of the day to $ 59.01 at a late afternoon intraday low $ 58.6 before recovering to $ 59 levels, Litecoin failing to break up to $ 60 levels within the end of the day.

At the time of writing, Litecoin was down 4.1% to $ 56.77, with Tuesday's sell-off continuing in the early hours, Litecoin falling from a day's start high $ 59.32 to a low in the morning $ 56.62, Litecoin which fell through the first level of main support at $ 58.9 and second main support level at $ 57.

For the day ahead, while it seems particularly bearish, a return to $ 58 levels would signal a possible afternoon rebound, any excess of the levels at $ 59 likely to bring the first major resistance level of the day to $ 60.79, although we can expect a lot of resistance on the way back through $ 59 to $ 60 levels.

Failure to return to $ 58 levels could see Litecoin take a big hit in the day, with a decline of up to $ 55 levels bringing the third level of major support of the day to $ 54.3 in play before any recovery, unlikely Litecoin see levels below $ 50 a day.


Ripple flows again

Ripple's XRP plunged 10.59% on Tuesday, after falling 0.69% on Monday, to close the day at $ 0.51663.

In contrast to the first part of the morning, Ripple's XRP failed to join the cryptomarket rally, the Ripple XRP range in view of the broad market sales. Ripple's XRP slipped during the day up to a maximum of $ 0.51 intraday intraday, the reversal that saw Ripple's XRP go down through the first major level of support at $ 0.5374, without any end-of-day recovery to ease the pain.

Ripple's XRP lost ground to Ethereum over the course of the day, the market capitalization gap widened to nearly $ 3 billion due to the crash of the day, investors locked profits afterwards. xRapid performance and despite early adoption across the financial sector.

At the time of writing, Ripple's XRP was down 1.2% to $ 0.5111, an early morning high of $ 0.53204 not higher than the first main resistance level at $ 0 , 5618, before being reversed. Ripple's XRP slipped to a low of $ 0.50673, avoiding the first major support level at $ 0.4908, before recovering.

For the next day, a return to levels of $ 0.52 would increase the prospects for a recovery, while sentiment in the broader market will have to materially improve to enter the first major resistance level of the day at $ 0.5618.

Failing to go to $ 0.52 the levels could see the reverse of Ripple's XRP later in the day, a return of $ 0.5111 in the morning to $ 0.50 and the first main support level at $ 0.4908 in play.


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