Daily analysis of Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple Daily – 08/15/18


Bitcoin Cash Finds Support

Bitcoin Cash fell 3.92% on Tuesday, after the 7.02% slide on Monday, to close the day at $ 510.4

Monday's sales continued in the early hours of Tuesday, with Bitcoin Cash slipping through the first level of main support at $ 504.23 to an intraday low and a new swing $ 471.1, asking for support at the second level of main support at $ 477.56 to stem the tide.

After a relatively limited day that saw Bitcoin Cash step by step from the $ 500 levels, a move from the last hour saw Bitcoin Cash return to $ 500 levels at the end of the day .

At the time of writing, Bitcoin Cash rose 1.63% to $ 518.4, with Bitcoin Cash rallying to the 525.45 early in the morning before slowing, the first gains came off the Tuesday's delay.

For the next day, keeping above $ 505 until the morning will support a run of up to $ 526.4 to bring the first big resistance levers the $ 537.63 into play, holding on to the key of the initial gains to avoid a misleading & # 39; other inversion during the day.

Failure to win first earnings may see Bitcoin Cash retreat at levels below $ 500 to bring the first major support level of the day to $ 477.13 in play, although we expect Bitcoin Cash to avoid major inversions during the day, except for the release of particularly negative news, losses at the start of the week and a visit to levels below $ 500 that attract side investors. [19659003]   {alt}

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Litecoin On the Up

Litecoin is down 3.72% on Tuesday, after the 5.03% slide on Monday, for end the day at $ 19.39.

Following the broader market, Monday's sell-off continued Tuesday morning, with Litecoin exceeding its first major support level of $ 54,57 and the second main support level of $ 52,71 at a intraday minimum and a new swing at $ 49.33.

A late recovery saw Litecoin moving back to the $ 54 level, the first main resistance level of the day at $ 59.45 was not tested on the day, with Litecoin not having passed the first major level of support at $ 54,57 by the end of the day.

At the time of writing, Litecoin was up 2.11% to $ 55.54, with the momentum towards the end of Tuesday's late recovery, which led to a high of $ 56.44 in the early morning, before returning to $ 55, the morning level does not exceed the first resistance level at $ 57.48. [19659003] For the next day, a return move of $ 56.44 should support a $ 57 level run to bring the first resistance level higher at $ 57.48, although Litecoin will have to hold up to $ 55. in the morning. [19659003] Failure to maintain $ 55 levels could see Litecoin's return to $ 53 levels, which would bring the day's first major support level to play at $ 50.32 before any recovery, Litecoin will hardly revisit levels below $ 50 on Tuesday negative news affecting the threads.


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Ripple Targeting for a return to $ 0.30

The Ripple XRP fell by only 0.33 % Tuesday, after the 7.45% slide on Monday, to end the day at $ 0.27385.

A start to the day when Ripple's XRP wave sold its first major support level at $ 0.2590 to an intraday low and a new swing at $ 0.24478, calling the second-tier support main support for $ 0.2436 before recovering to $ 0.25 levels.

For Ripple's XRP, at the end of the day a large market rebound eased the pain, with Ripple's XRP reaching $ 0.27 by the end of the day, the loss of the day

At the time of writing this article, Ripple's XRP had grown by 4.55% to $ 0.28645, with the broad crypto market that saw the XRP Ripple broke through the first resistance level at $ 0.2864 to a maximum of $ 0.29837 in the early morning before easing back to $ 0.28 levels.

For the day ahead, a shift to $ 0.29 will support another run at the second resistance level of $ 0.2989, with a sustained recovery during the day that will likely bring $ levels. 0.30 in play later in the day.

Failure to climb up to $ 0.29 levels could see Ripple's return of XRP later in the day, while we expect Ripple's XRP to avoid the first major level of support for $ 0.2531, the recent losses in the broader market will probably be considered oversold. The Ripple XRP will still have to hold above $ 0.26 levels to avoid a resumption of the week of sell-offs.


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