Daily analysis of Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple Daily – 07/08/18


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Bitcoin Cash fell 2.61% on Monday, reversing the 2.07% gain on Sunday, ending the day at $ 691, only the 2 nd under $ 700 at the end of the day from 13 th July.

A first move up to a maximum intraday of $ 716.7 went down to the first major resistance level at $ 723.27, before it followed a broad market sell-off, with Bitcoin Cash slipping through the first significant support level at $ 690.87 at the end of the day low at $ 677.9

A late recovery at $ 690 eased some of the pain, although the postponement continued to reaffirm the extended bearish trend # 39; beginning of the May Swing to $ 1,849.9.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin Cash rose 0.15% to $ 691.7, with the first attempts of the day to bring the lowest levels back to $ 700, a high high of $ 695.8 at early morning even less than the first resistance level at $ 712.5 in the early hours.

For the next day, a back spike The morning high of $ 695.8 would hold another run at $ 700 and the first resistance level at $ 712.5, with the market sentiment it needs to improve materially for Bitcoin Cash to run at the second resistance level at $ 734 and maintain $ 700 levels by the end of the day.

If I could not get past the $ 700 levels by late morning I could see Bitcoin Cash coming back upside down, with a pullback of up to $ 680 levels that will probably see the first major support level of the day at $ 673.7 come in in play play before any recovery that would probably leave out of reach $ 700.


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Litecoin sees Red

Litecoin has dropped by 1 , 22% on Monday, partially reversing the 2.22% gain on Sunday to end the day at $ 73.74.

A first move through a high intraday $ 76.84 saw Litecoin break through the first major resistance level at $ 75.44 and the second main resistance level at $ 76.22 before suc

Un & # 39 One day reversal saw Litecoin pull back the main resistance levels to break the first major support level of the day to $ 73.14 at a low intraday $ 72.51 before recovering to $ 73 levels, the moves in the course of the day continues to reiterate the extended downtrend of Litecoin formed at the beginning of the May strike at $ 182.35.

At the time of writing, Litecoin was down 0.34% to $ 73.33, with Litecoin declining from the start of a high day $ 74.18, the Starting in the morning, the first important resistance level fell to $ 76.22.

For the next day, a lift of up to $ 74.36 will support a run of $ 75, while the first main resistance level at $ 76.22 will probably remain out of reach for the day, a hold at $ 74 levels a positive result of the bulls.

The inability to spend $ 74.36 to bring the $ 75 levels into play will likely leave Litecoin to a step back, with another probable market sell-off calling the first major support level at $ 71.89 in game before any recovery, with levels below $ 70 unlikely to be tested on the day.


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Ripple Falls behind

Ripple's XRP plummeted by 4.88% on Monday, more than reversing the gain of 1.07% on Sunday, to end the day at $ 0.41386.

A day start in an intraday high of $ 0.43887 was the only bullish move of the day that left Ripple's XRP short of $ 0.44 and the first level of main resistance at $ 0.4402.

The ample sale of cryptomarkets saw Ripple's XRP slip through the first major support level of the day at $ 0.4257 and the second main support level at $ 0.4173 to call support on the third main support level at $ 0.4028 with an intra-day low and a new swing of $ 0.40267.

A late recovery has seen Ripple's XRP break up to $ 0.41 levels, while it is unable to recover through the day's main support levels to leave the extended bearish trend intact.

At the time of writing, Ripple's XRP had fallen 0.67% to $ 0.4105, with Monday's sales continuing through the early morning hours, a start to a day of rising $ 0.41672 well below the first resistance level at $ 0.4343 before returning to a low day $ 0.40344.

For the next day, a move from $ 0.41 to $ 0.4185 will support a $ 0.42 level move to bring the first resistance level to $ 0.4343 in play, although market sentiment will have to improve materially for Ripple's XRP to find support after Monday's new swing.

Failure to return to $ 0.41 will likely leave Ripple's XRP on the back foot, with support levels of $ 0.40. It will probably be at stake if sentiment does not improve.


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