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Tokyo, August 2, 2018: With the goal of capitalizing on the rapidly growing cosplay market, Cure WorldCosplay recently launched a crowdsale for the cosplay community on July 29th. Cosplay is a multibillion-dollar industry in which fans dress up as their favorite fantasy characters from anime movies or Japanese manga. Cure WorldCosplay said that the Cosplay Token crowdsale would allow cosplayers to get paid for their work in cryptocurrency, creating a viable payment method that does not involve high taxes. Payment opportunities include photo books, event participation and public relations for the order picking company. According to China Research and Intelligence, (CRI), cosplayers spent $ 17.8 billion (US) on costumes, wigs, props and cosmetics in 2017. "The Cosplay is booming, but the community faces challenges due to of author rights and revenue sharing We want to implement a registration system of author rights on Blockchain and allow revenue sharing through Smart Contracts, "said Cure's Chief Executive Officer WorldCosplay Junichiro

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Cure WorldCosplay launches the cryptocurrency platform

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