CS fails at first with the cheap CSX app


Revolut needs to dress warmly. That’s the hope of Credit Suisse, which launched its new low-cost CSX app last weekend.

Experience at the start shows that Revolut, the German N26 and the Swiss Neon need not worry too much.

For example, a CS customer who wanted to open a cheap CSX account via his mobile phone reported unexpected crashes.

At the time of registration, his mobile phone screen was “frozen” at the point where he had to identify himself via Swisscom.

Now he just had to queue at the CS call center. Exactly what CS customers should be saving with CSX.

The problem lies with Swisscom. The telecom giant is apparently struggling with Huawei phones. Although in the case of this client it is of the latest generation.

In the end, despite Swisscom, CS is in the rain. The big bank promises a great offer at no cost.

“The vast majority of openings happen smoothly,” a spokesperson for CS said last night.

“It is known that with individual models from the manufacturer Huawei at our external video identity verification service provider, compatibility issues may occur in the camera resolution area, which is not a Credit Suisse specific issue.” .

False start (Twitter)

CS blames Swisscom. Not good with customers. Twint had already experienced this when he fell.

The experts yesterday were sober from the CS-Digital offering. “Second act: a waiting time of 62 seconds becomes 11 minutes”, writes Digitalmedia.ch, a blog on the digital offerings of banks.

Instead of getting a new CSX account without any problems via mobile phone, the Digitalmedia.ch tester also ends up in the bank’s call center.

There they told him that it was a computer problem and that now they had opened “a ticket”.

Conclusion from Digitalmedia to CSX: “Better a playfully simple app from a bank that converts analog to digital”.

On Twitter it sounds like this: “30 minutes to open an account – a fake ID – Revolut is still a long way off!”

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