Cryptomonsters: the first crypto-game running on Litecoin Blockchain


Good news for blockchain players and fans. CryptoMonsters was successfully launched this week.

The unique app offers users a series of collectible figures with concepts and features similar to other famous games such as crypto-kittens, but with the difference that instead of running on the Ethereum network, the CryptoMonsters "will live" on the Litecoin Blockchain.

The game consists of the evolution of a monster through various actions that will be recorded in the blockchain from its birth to its death. The official website of the game explains its concept in a simple but exciting way:

"This is a new type of game based on Litecoin's blockchain technology, representing a virtual world, inhabited by CryptoMonsters, which are constantly evolving and interacting them. "

During its first phase, the game allowed the initial users to get a free monster, however, once the game is released, the number of available monsters has expired. Users must buy one of the monsters available on the market, which are worth around $ 500 to $ 500 depending on a multitude of factors such as rarity, strength, level, etc.

Monsters have a level ranging from 1 to 200. Currently there are no high-level monsters because of how young the game is, however it will not be long before users see monsters highly evolved once the game becomes more mature and active.

Players have the ability to split their monster (by getting 2 monsters of a lower level) or to mature and evolve their creature to level it up.

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Of course, as in many similar games, evolution involves complex and risky tasks such as taking on other monsters in combat. If a monster wins the fight, it will increase its level, obviously it will lose it even if it is not victorious in battle.

Each monster acquires part of the losers' statistics. If a monster drops below the 0.2 level, it dies, or as the game says, "ascends to the crypto-monster paradise" to meet its creator: CryptoGod.

The game was a complete success. According to CryptoMonsters' official Twitter, the platform registers 2.3 new users per second, which is an example of its potential to become Litecoin's cryptokitti.

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