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Who does not like to relax on the soft sofa watching a show after a busy day? The shark of the coin has created a collection of periodic publications on cryptocurrency, so that your rest is completed by benefits.

1. StartUp

This serial opens the regular crypto compilation for a good reason. This is the first image, which not only deals with digital currency, but contains it in the heart of the plot.

Cybertriller on cryptocurrency, hackers, bankers and mobsters, who are combined to change the world. In the photo, instead of the well known Bitcoin and Ethereum, an imaginary digital currency called GenCoin is used.

TV series consultant Brian Stoeckert, expert in risk management and anti-money laundering, in an interview with CNBC He said:

"People have heard of digital currency, but they do not really understand how it works, they only see it on titles, this is one way they can follow a storyline and get a unique perspective on it."

2. Mr. Robot

Sam Esmail has created not only an American psychological television show, but the entire iconic picture, which consists of 3 seasons. The serial is much appreciated by programmers and those interested in innovations.

The main character Elliot Alderson, played by an actor Rami Malek, leads a double life: by day he is a computer security engineer, and at night – a brilliant hacker. But the double life does not end here! Elliot has a double personality.

In the serial a fictional cryptocurrency Ecoin is involved, even the famous Bitcoin is mentioned. In one of the episodes, the president of E-Corp or "bad corporation" Philipp Price (the actor Christopher Michael) and a senior officer, which serial fans compare to Jacob Lew, to discuss the future of their cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

"The problem here is that hard money is fading, quickly, this is the way the world right now and Bitcoin is spreading and Bitcoin takes the wheel in a hellish world.It is not regulated, it has already reached the maximum volume of transactions and it is the control of the spare parts by the Chinese miners ".

3. The Big Bang Theory

Popular comic series, which conquers our hearts with edgy sense of humor and subtle sarcasm. Many believe that the target audience of the sitcom is only "technical", since its main characters, Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper, who were played respectively by Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons, are talented in physics. However, humor does not revolve around science and the characters enter quite familiar situations for everyone.

The creators of the series were inspired by the cryptocurrency so much that in 2017 they dedicated the entire episode to it under the name "The Bitcoin Entanglement". In the series, the main characters rememberand, who had extracted BTC and saved them on a Flash drive, which was lost 🙂

4. The Simpsons

There is no person who has never heard of the Simpsons. This yellow people is famous all over the world and head of the family, Omero, voiced by Daniel Castellaneta, is often mentioned in comic groups of public. And it's no wonder, because in this situational animated comedy you have everything you need to draw inspiration from positivity and temporarily detach yourself from worries.

The cryptocurrency of the serial is mentioned in an episode of 2013. In the series Krusty the Clown says, which is green, because "All you need is bad luck with a pony, worst luck in a Bitcoin market, strong investments in a high society and bookmark".

Also in series 7, season 25, Bitcoin was depicted on the board near the school:

5. Almost human

You have to admit it would be strange if a science fiction television show, whose events had developed in 2048, did not concern Bitcoin. The creator, J. H. Wyman, would not make such a mistake. True, Bitcoin in the series is not what we are used to "not seeing". Here, today's first cryptocurrency is presented in the form of a large flash unit.

6. The blacklist

The cryptocurrency has not completely replaced the Fiat and a certain percentage of humanity does not even understand what it is. But others are already clarifying the public on the digital currency. The writers of "The Blacklist" have decided not to invent a new cryptocurrency, but to use the well-known Ripple.

We want to remind you recently Ripple became the second cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

7. Billions

This serial is mandatory to see for those involved in finance and closely related to the economy.

Billions is a melodramatic image with a dynamic storyline. Episode action develops around two major players in the financial world of the United States: successful businessmen Bobby Axelrod and the New York District Attorney General – Chuck Rhoades. Chuck knows that Ax's fund is maintaining shadow activity, so he is constantly on the lookout and consequently finds compromising evidence. The characters of the cast – respectively Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti.

Now billions – it's the best finance series. The heroes start using cryptocurrency in the third season.

Cryptocurrency also appears in the following series: "The Good Wife", "Person of Interest", "Blindspot", "iZombie", "Family Guy".

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