Cryptocurrency Going For A Song on the tenth birthday of Bitcoin



– eToro launches an exclusive karaoke ATM that eliminates the pin and asks users to sing bitcoins for free –

eToro, the global investment platform with over ten million registered users, is helping the British celebrate the tenth anniversary of Bitcoin by giving £ 10,000 worth of cryptocurrency through an exclusive ATM activated by song.

The machine, which responds when people sing "Happy Birthday" to it, has popped up today (October 31) in London's Finsbury Avenue Square, 10 years after the day when the Bitcoin whitepaper was published. The ATM is offering coupons worth between £ 20 and £ 250 in bitcoins for successful singers who approach their screen and create sweet money.

In addition to receiving free bitcoin prizes, people who visit the ATM can choose to get their singing experience captured on the camera for sharing on their social channels, with the chance to win an additional £ 1,000 in bitcoin currency.

The first of its kind of ATM activated by the song was made by a team of computer programmers, expert technicians and sound engineers. Using advanced audio and vocal technology, ATM detects when a specific melody is sung, in this case the "happy birthday" of the song and the volume of the song. A digital display on the ATM allows users to know how loud they sing, if they need to increase their volume and how much of the song they need to complete to activate the dispenser.

Announced publicly in 2008 in a white paper titled Bitcoin: A peer-to-peer electronic payment system written by an anonymous developer named Satoshi Nakamoto, bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, allowing people to send and receive payments from one side to another without going through a financial institution. While eToro's innovative ATM celebrates the bitcoin's innovative 10-year history, the music machine also looks to the future, encouraging people to explore the possibilities of a currency designed for the digital age.

Iqbal V. Gandham, UK CEO at eToro, said: "Bitcoin has shown resilience over the past decade and remains the dominant crypto in the world, and in the next 10 years we may see mass adoption of bitcoins for payments and money transfers.

"At present, the level of understanding of cryptography is one of the barriers to large-scale criptoasset investment by users, a barrier we have tried to tackle in eToro as part of our vision of open global markets to everyone Our ATM is an appropriate and entertaining celebration of bitcoin's 10th anniversary, and we hope it will give people even more opportunities to learn about cryptography. "

  • WHAT: The Toro Bitcoin Birthday ATM is free to use and is available on a first-sing-first-win basis. Those who can demonstrate their singing skills will be able to receive a voucher for the equivalent amount in bitcoins.
  • WHERE IS IT: Finsbury Avenue, Piazza, Broadgate, London
  • WHEN: From 11, 31st October

About eToro:

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