CryptoCompare Data Provider of Crypto Market launches a new mobile app for Bitcoin fans

CryptoCompare-launches-New-Mobile Application-for-Crypto-enthusiasts

The well-known and respected cryptocurrency market data provider CryptoCompare announced on October 30th that it had launched its mobile application after an increase in demand from the crypto community.

This new application allows users, traders and investors to monitor bitcoin and altcoin information such as price or market capitalization. At the same time, it also helps users monitor their cryptographic investments in different portfolios and receive the latest news in the cryptocurrency space. In addition, the app also presents historical data, graphs, technical analyzes and major exchanges on the market.

It is very important that investors have the necessary information on how to make investment decisions. The application lists several coins and real-time data from 130 different exchanges worldwide.

With this app, users can follow their list of coins and see the trading volumes of the most popular cryptocurrencies. In addition, it offers interested users the ability to manage multiple portfolios with accurate statistics and information. At the same time, it also presents a section with the latest financial market trends with a news feed.

The CEO and founder of CryptoCompare, Charles Hayter, said he was very enthusiastic about this application and that it will allow more users to encrypt the market. By the way, he said:

"Our data is displayed between 20 and 180 million times per hour, peaking at times of greatest market volatility, and we are continually investing in our technology and our APIs to ensure that our infrastructure remains robust and investors can access the data needed to perform operations on their investment portfolios. "

For Hayter, the launch of the mobile application is a natural step for CryptoComparegiving users a choice about how they interact with cryptographic markets. The CryptoCompare app can be downloaded for iOS or Android devices.

CryptoCompare is a cryptocurrency information provider that offers real-time and reliable data on over 5,300 cryptocurrencies and 240,000 trading pairs worldwide. In addition, the application and the company follow strict standards in order to safeguard data integrity and ensure consistency and trust in the market.

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