Crypto Winter? The Winklevoss twins say they are "totally at home"


Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss Cryptocurrency Exchange Gemini bitcoin crypto

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the first bitcoin investors and founders of the Gemini crypt exchange, do not seem to be discouraged by the current market crisis. In fact, speaking recently in Bloomberg, Tyler Winklevoss said: "We are totally at home in the winter".

The twins have confirmed that they are pursuing their company's plans, including a new mobile application, the Gemini Mobile App, which was released this week on Google Play and the Apple App Store for all users.

The new app allows for the purchase and sale of Gemini cryptocurrencies, displays the market prices and the value of the portfolio and allows users to send and receive cryptocurrency funds. It also features price alerts, recurring purchase orders and cart order functionality. The basket order function, called "Buy The Cryptoverse ™", allows users to purchase a coin index, weighted by market capitalization, in a single order.

Cameron Winklevoss, also president of Gemini, said in the press release:

"Cryptocurrency never sleeps, so it's important for us to make it easier for our customers to interact wherever they are and whenever they want."

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It takes more than a drop in the price of 85 percent bitcoins to stage Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss.

The twins told Bloomberg that they are used to "skepticism" compared to cryptocurrencies, but they do not seem worried about launching the new mobile application in the middle of "crypto-winter". Cameron explained:

"It gives us time to build internally, perfect and take a breath".

They also revealed that getting users to apply is a priority for 2019, perhaps signaling a change from what appears to have been a more institutionalized investor-focused strategy to date for Gemini. Cameron said:

"The reality of the situation is that we have a diversified clientele, and the history of retailing has just begun."

The expansion in Asia will also be at the center for 2019, with Gemini hoping to compete with the likes of BitMEX and Huobi in the region. The "Winklevii" also stressed that it had a "slow and constant" approach for a simple reason: "We think it is a space that is here to stay".

The industry expects a good degree of optimism from those who have been invested, and such early supporters as the Winklevoss twins.

After launching the Gemini exchange and despite the refusal of the SEC to use the Gemini-based bitcoin ETF, the pair has been committed to building a fully regulated platform. Gemini uses the Nasdaq market surveillance technology to prevent manipulation, offer custody services and obtain the approval and governance of the New York Department of Financial Services. It became the first authorized exchange of Zcash in May 2018 and launched its Gemini dollar (GUSD) in September.

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