Crypto Wallet opens the "most secure trading platform on the market" with fixed tariffs


SovereignWallet, "one of the safest mobile cryptocurrency portfolios", announced M-DEX, a new feature for its application. M-DEX is a free-of-charge mobile exchange platform that has fixed tariffs and can make the transfer of coins safer and faster using atomic exchange technology.

The new part of the blockchain infrastructure

The company claims that the M-DEX exchange service will be "the most secure mobile cryptocurrency trading platform on the market". Users will be the only ones who can access their private keys, so that they can exchange their coins directly with one another. According to SovereignWallet, the sending or receiving of goods will not require the involvement of a third party. The new service will be fully integrated in January 2019.

SovereignWallet also defines M-DEX as "one of the first non-custodial platforms on the market" that provides fixed tariffs. The company says it will be possible thanks to the special tool: the MUI trading bot. The MUI token is a new token compatible with ERC-20, known as MUI, the company's cryptocurrency.

The MUI trading bot will perform an analysis of the exchange platforms with which M-DEX is integrated. The system will compare the latest trends and market actions and help users avoid high fees and fund risks. The negotiation process itself will be managed by the atomic exchange technology, which is designed to support the direct trade of different cryptocurrencies.

Mobile cryptocurrency portfolio

The first product that was announced by the company was SovereignWallet. The company claimed that transferring funds through SovereignWallet is as simple as "sending a message" because the M-DEX exchange platform is integrated with the online portfolio.

The SovereignWallet network ecosystem is powered by the MUI token of the company's cryptocurrency. The company claims that it is one of the few cryptocurrencies whose value is protected by the central bank Algorithm, a special automated stabilization tool. Automatically adjusts the supply of tokens for sale and helps users make purchases and get MUI tokens without the risk of fraud or error. MUI can also be exchanged on any decentralized exchange platform.

MUI tokens are available during the third stage of the public ICO that SovereignWallet launched on November 1st. The company has announced that it is the last public sale of their cryptocurrency. During the two previous phases of the ICO, which took place in June and September 2018, the company sold 150 million MUI tokens.

SovereignWallet has promised to include more cryptocurrencies in its system. Lately, the company has added more than 10 tokens, including AirSwap tokens (AST), 0x Protocol (ZRX) and OmiseGo (OMG).

About SovereignWallet

The company was created in 2015 and the SovereignWallet team has twenty years of experience in developing web and mobile security solutions for governments and banks. SovereignWallet states that, unlike other startups who collect money during an ICO for project development, their approach to fundraising is more than "reverse ICO". Almost all SovereignWallet app projects were completed before the initial IPI was launched.

SovereignWallet states that one of its main motivations is the promotion of financial inclusion to a wide audience by adding other languages. The company has hundreds of millions of non-registered users, who have smartphones, but do not yet have access to regular financial services. SovereignWallet aims to give them the opportunity to easily create their own encrypted money pegged to stable currencies. According to the company, for those coins users will be able to use an exchange service that is faster than conventional methods of transferring money with "relatively low commissions".

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