Crypto Tidbits: Bitcoin turns into ten, Ethereum Berated, Buy Fortnite Merch with Monero


The 2019 Crypto started probably with a bang, in stark contrast to the summer break. The Bitcoin Network, for example, is ten years old, just like a number of confident, encrypted startups. Many hope that this positive momentum will continue to influence this industry in the coming months.

Crypto Tidbits:

  • Paypal prohibits Hacker News: Last week, The Hacker News (THN), a respected IT security news portal, brought it on Twitter to express its aversion to Paypal. According to the THN company statement on the matter, Paypal has permanently banned its accounts without mentioning a specific reason. Paypal also allegedly rubbed salt on THN's wound, so to speak, claiming he would keep the wallet funds for six months, failing to mention a motif again. After some justified jokes, the American financial services company explained that "the specific reasons for this decision are proprietary and [will not be] released, "touching the THN investigation for the umpteenth time.This joke meant that Bitcoin supporters began to promote the merits of the crypto." Matt Odell, a Bitcoin supporter, said that when There's nothing left to turn around, BTC is still there Marty Bent, a cryptic media creator, explained that payment processors have started to lose their heads, probably referring to the worldwide issue of growing digital censorship. he added that it is time to "level up" through Bitcoin, which will leave the "drunken companies of power" in the dust.
  • Crypto Startup Digitizes the stocks of Tesla, Apple, Nasdaq as Ethereum tokens: DX.Exchange, an encrypted startup based in Estonia and Israel, will make the shares of Tesla, Apple, Facebook and other seven Nasdaq-based stocks token. This system will allow users of the company to exchange the aforementioned securities on the Ethereum blockchain, even when the American markets are closed for the night or the weekend. In the end, the fintech company intends to expand its offer to shares listed on the New York Stock Exchange, at the Nikkei in Tokyo and at Hang Seng in Hong Kong. These digital representations of shares will be fully guaranteed, with MPS MarketPlace Securities, acting as a centralized counterparty.
  • Mike Novogratz Doubles on Crypto: Mike Novogratz, former top lieutenant of Fortress Investments, transformed fervid cryptocurrency investor, bought 7.5 million shares of ordinary Galaxy Digital, an encrypted merchant bank he founded, for a total of $ 7.42 million Canadian dollars (US $ 4.8 million). With this purchase, he now controls 80% of the Galaxy (GLXY) title. When this news broke, company shares rose 40% a day, rising to $ 1.4 Canadian dollars each.
  • Fortnite Merchandise Store adopts Monero payments: For Riccardo Spagni and the core Monero team, the Fortnite merchandise store now accepts payments in the privacy-focused cryptocurrency. This integration has been enabled by Globee and paid by a number of members of the Monero community and by the same payment processor as above. Referring to the famous game "Battle Royale", Spagni commented on Twitter that "now you can buy that sweet Durrr Burger without your friends, family or colleagues who judge you", evidently touching the intrinsic privacy features of Monero. Interestingly, Globee accepts Bitcoin, along with a number of other leading cryptocurrencies, but the payment method has limited cryptocurrency transactions exclusively to XMR.
  • Bitcoin Blockchain is ten years old: On January 3, 2019, the Bitcoin blockchain celebrated its tenth birthday. Just ten years ago, Satoshi Nakamoto made the first transaction using BTC. Because of the importance of this auspicious day, the cryptocurrency community was evidently joyful and celebratory mood. BitMEX inserts a multi-page advertisement into Times in an obvious reference to the origins of Bitcoin. A number of decentralists celebrated Proof of Keys, an initiative led by the cryptic entrepreneur Trace Mayer who begs investors to withdraw their cryptocurrencies from trading. The creators of outstanding cryptocurrency content celebrated the day by singing A million dreams, a song from the hit film "The Greatest Showman."
  • Bitcoin Advocate Tuur Demeester Bash Ethereum: Last week, Tuur Demeester, a cynical altcoin, Bitcoin supporter and investor, has compiled his years of skepticism towards Ethereum by publishing a 50-piece Twitter thread. Through his fierce messages, Demeester, the founder of Adamant Capital, a so-called "Bitcoin Alpha Fund", has conveyed a multitude of reasons why he is skeptical of the project. Bitcoin has noted that the underlying architecture and culture of Ethereum is the sharp opposite of Bitcoin. However, the previous project still seems to try to achieve decentralization and immutability, at the same time becoming a repository of value, an asset issue platform and an intelligent contract facilitator. He added that Ether's current market capitalization of ~ $ 15 billion is overly inflated, considering the project to be a "scientific experiment at its best." Since the Demeester rant spread on Twitter, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin replied.
  • Coinbase can start the subscription model: An apparent poll by Coinbase has probed users on the appeal of a subscription model, which would reduce the "maker" and "taker" fees for Pro professionals, while offering benefits for premium members. If implemented, this program would be the first of its kind in the cryptosphere and would probably push the company's trading platforms to new levels.
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