Crypto Scam from "Elon Musk" may have captured dozens of Bitcoins (BTC)


"Elon Musk" Strikes again, Bitcoin Scam Ensues

After Twitter reported to have limited (and banned) many of the accounts that share the similarity of Tesla & SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, one of the most important stars of the social platform, reports have emerged that state that the renowned businessman world was once again impersonated, this time in a context related to Bitcoin (BTC).

Just a day ago, an anonymous group of hackers violated the Twitter accounts of Matalan and PatheUK, two verified British press organs (marked by the iconic blue tick) and collected thousands of followers. The attackers immediately went to work, changing the profile image and the title / name to trick the Twitter users who were Musk himself, who is an active (perhaps too active) user of the platform.

Capitalizing on this change, the scammers released a series of promoted tweets, claiming that they, or "Elon Musk", were distributing 10,000 "Bitcoic (BTC)", which would be valued at $ 65 million, mentioning the "community" to participate obvious fraud.

The message, which was full of misprints, had been closed by the authors with a link, presumably to a virus-scam-infected Web page, and a QR code and a Bitcoin address with an accompanying message. The message, located above the QR code and the Bitcoin address, was presumably recognizable to the astute crypto-investors / scholars, as it claimed that Musk would return 10 times the "investment" of the victim, obviously an opportunity too beautiful to be true.

As this news came to the fore, a number of mainstream media began to discuss the issue, claiming that the scam associated portfolio had received up to 28 BTCs ($ 175,000) from the alleged victims. This would indicate that the tweet that promotes the scam, probably promoted to thousands of feeds, somehow worked, despite the typos and the exaggerated BTC returned that "Elon Musk" offered.

Not everyone is convinced …

Although many have claimed that the "winnings" of hackers exceed $ 100,000, others are not convinced that the "Musk" of BTC come from the pockets of naive investors, but rather from the accomplices and accomplices of the scammer / hacker.

P. H. Madore of CCN stated that a "significant part of the funds" could come from hacker portfolios, with the probable intention to entice the victims to throw their crypts and their pseudonym address.

Udi Wertheimer, a well-known and appreciated bitcoiner reader and programmer who frequents Twitter, echoed this sentiment. Wertheimer noted that just because the address under control has "a bit of money" does not mean that "they have scored".

Regardless of the specifics of this scam, this strange event highlights the recurring theme and the relationship between Elon Musk, probably the world's most famous managing director, and Bitcoin and the nascent crypto industry, to which he is apparently pleasantly undefeated.

Over the last few months, Musk has made a series of tiny but well-read raids into the crypt – before joking to notice that he would like Ethereum (ETH) "even if it's a scam" before inviting the founder of Dogecoin, Jackson Palmer, to fight Twitter exchanges and joking tweeting on Bitcoin in the context of Japanese cartoons.

Title Image Courtesy of Casey Horner on Unsplash

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