Crypto Platform Reveals 'Premium' Hardware Wallet in Sleek Video


A platform which aims to demystify crypto and bring it to the masses through a suite of blockchain-driven financial services has launched its latest product: a hardware wallet that combines "institutional-grade security with a consumer-friendly user experience, beautiful design and premium materials. "

In a promotional video, this is not the case for Apple, such as Apple, Coinvest, and the Coinvest Vault – which is designed for storing digital assets. The company says the hardware wallet provides a "one-of-a-kind security architecture" and supports the transfer of hundreds of different assets.

The Coinvest Vault runs on a 3.5-inch LED touchscreen display, and is supported with a USB-C connection that can be used for authenticating desktop and mobile devices. The computer is infected with a virus or malware.

The latest release

According to the company, the hardware wallet will be compatible with the entire portfolio of products. This includes its flagship product Coinvest, a digital wallet offering an integrated investment market for cryptocurrencies. Additionally, Coinvest Plus, an exchange for digital assets aimed at sophisticated and institutional investors.

Some of the other services includes: the COIN Protocol, which helps to define transactions between users and Coinvest smart contracts. It has also established "a source of education and news" called CoinDNA, and its objective is to help inexperienced crypto users access to the latest headlines and data on demand.

In the future, Coinvest plans to launch a digital asset wallet aimed at children – giving them the chance to learn about cryptocurrencies at a young age and learn valuable lessons about managing money through a modern take on pocket money. And finally, an API is being established which will enable merchants around the world to accept COIN – the ecosystem's native cryptocurrency.

Empowering the masses

Coinvest argues that entering the crypto world has been a bewildering prospect for the public to date – with thousands of coins, hundreds of wallets and multiple exchanges vying for their attention. Its website explains: "We aim to lower the barriers to investing and liquidity by providing simple, accessible solutions to all audiences."

The company is led by a team of alumni from Microsoft. Advisors includes Tony Scott, who is a director of the US government, along with Peter Cashmore, the founder of Mashable. According to Coinvest, it is one of the few blockchain companies in the United States.

In November, the first iteration of the digital Coinvest Wallet launched – with the team promising new features and improvements as its ecosystem comes to life.

A banking license in the first quarter of 2019, swiftly followed by a broker license by the middle of next year.

In a recent blog post championing the progress has been made in the months since its token sale, executives added:

"[We] have never been more optimistic about our future. In an industry full of scams and bad actors, we at Coinvest, expect to lead by example through execution. In less than one year, we are bringing to market three revenue-generating products. The output that confirms that any company should be able to bring to the market revenue generating technology solutions with focused execution, a lean budget, and a great team. No excuses. "

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