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Crypto Gaming ICO Review (Token CGG): Safe Blockchain Gambling Platform?

Crypto Gaming

Crypto Gaming is a digital platform based on blockchain for fair, safe and winning games. Currently, most of the blockchain-based gambling games can not get rid of the short-lived destiny, and the competition is fierce.

However, people still believe in the power of the blockchain, in the market potential of the gambling game, and believe in the magic of the blockchain game. Blockchain offers technical practicality and conditions for gambling games.

On the other hand, the games of chance promote the landing of the blockchain and ecological prosperity. This is where Crypto Gaming comes into play.

Crypto Gaming Intervention

The Crypto Gaming the team is committed to creating a fair, safe and profitable gaming platform for everyone that will promote the development and prosperity of blockchain technology. This will ultimately lead to a faster growth of wealth in society. The platform distributes revenue through chain gaming rules, chain gaming resources and smart contracts.

In addition, his team of professionals examines technology and smart contracts to ensure fairness, security and transparency. Using the innovative design of the economic model and the autonomous governance of the community, Crypto Gaming will allow all parts of the ecology to achieve equality and mutual benefit.

The traditional game market

The research estimates that in 2023 the global gambling industry will generate revenues of up to $ 525 billion. The compound annual growth rate is almost 4% between 2017 and 2023. Report figures on the network show that the total turnover of the gaming industry increased by 4.6% in 2016 , reaching 450 billion dollars.

Revenue should maintain steady growth between 2017 and 2020. In 2016 alone, revenues from the betting market in Asia, North America and Europe exceeded $ 100 billion. However, many problems are still evident in the traditional gambling market. For example:

  • Opacity of data and arbitrary modification of rules, or even fraud, triggering a crisis of user confidence.
  • Issue of channels, revenues monopolized by giants, high quality but niche games are difficult to produce, high development costs, as well as a low rate of success.
  • Users do not own virtual goods, set withdrawal limits, high monetization fees, and fail to achieve a smooth circulation of value, which ultimately affects the player's experience.
  • Due to the malignant inflation of the game, the players' interest is not guaranteed. The first players receive a lot of coins, equipment and props to face the risk of depreciation in the middle and late period.
  • The system between games remains tough and the player's silence is expensive. Game resources can not be distributed in the game. This causes all props and points to be deleted after the end of a game's life cycle.

For these problems, it is credible that there is a surplus vacuum in the centralized gaming games that need to be addressed. The Crypto Gaming community offers practical solutions to the problems mentioned by creating a reliable gaming platform in which players, investors, developers and sponsors are winners.

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