Crypto Exchange Binance launches an & # 39; educational initiative to promote Blockchain


Virtual currency exchange Binance announced the launch of a platform to accelerate the knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.


Dominant cryptocurrency exchange Binance said it will launch an educational initiative to promote wider public understanding of blockchain technology. The proposed blockchain academy is intended for the next generation of blockchain enthusiasts, the company said in a statement.

The platform aims to tackle the fragmented and sometimes confused knowledge about the blockchain and digital currencies that come mostly from the Internet. The initiative will act as a globally accessible global sales outlet that will provide appropriate training and video articles on the new technology. It will cover a wide range of advanced and fundamental topics that will discuss everything from blockchain and its applications to virtual currencies, as well as best security practices.

"The mission of Binance Academy is to proliferate the knowledge of the power of blockchain and cryptocurrencies" Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance. "By offering comprehensive and easily accessible educational content aboard the world, a video view and an article are read at a time."

Zhao said that the initiative is Binance's latest contribution to the blockchain ecosystem as it aims to turn into a global hub for everything related to digital currencies.

He added: "We have taken great care to adopt an open platform for both consumers and content producers, users are free to suggest new topics they would like to know and present their work for review and sharing alongside content produced by Binance on Academy. "

A similar blockchain school was recently launched in the Philippines.

The 159- University Athenaeum of Manila University and MediXServe recently joined forces to set up the MediXserve Blockchain University Education and Research Laboratory (AMBER) to educate the public on the blockchain and teach them how to apply technology to improve their lives.

lab is expected to provide support for the introduction of blockchain in developing countries, as well as a think tank, an incubation center and a research center for blockchain-enabled startups.

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