Crypto Daily Ethereum Giveaway – Get involved now!


To celebrate the achievement of a limit of 1,000 subscribers on YouTube, as promised, we are launching a tribute to Ethereum during which a lucky winner will be selected to receive 1 ETF for participating in our competition!

How to be involved

To participate in our giveaway, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Official YouTube channel of Crypto Daily
  2. Comment on whatever new video uploaded on our channel between the November 15, 2018 and the November 30, 2018.
  3. Do not leave "spammosi" comments, engage the videos and let us know what you think!
  4. Make sure of subscribe to our channel!

After November 30, 2018we will randomly select a winner who has commented on the videos uploaded on our channel between the November 15, 2018 and the November 30, 2018.

The winner will then be contacted by our team to organize the prize.

Good luck!


A total award of 1 ETH will be issued to a selected winner of the entire competition that will be announced once the official Crypto Daily YouTube channel reaches 1,000 subscribers. All subscribers will be given the chance to win, but the prize will be limited to only one winner. This gift is not combined with other offers or services. Competitors will not be required to omit any personal information during the competition. Please refer only to for official and approved information related to this competition. A winner will be contacted after the prize draw, after successfully completing the competition. Please do not participate in this competition if you are not able to engage in activities related to cryptocurrency in your country or place of residence. Participants must be over 18 years. This competition is free to enter. This competition is in no way associated with YouTube. please click here for our privacy policy. please click here for YouTube community guidelines. please click here for YouTube's terms of service.

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