Crypto Charts, Portfolio Manager and ICO Tracker

  CoinMarketApp review: Crypto graphs, portfolio manager and ICO tracker

CoinMarketApp is worth using

Cryptographic markets volatility makes it imperative for traders and investors in the encrypted world to have data in time real and reliable, which will help them to exploit even the shortest cryptic tendencies, which is quite common in cryptographic markets. CoinMarketApp does just that: it gives the observers of the cryptocurrency markets a penetrating aspect by helping them access critical data on specific tokens or coins.

With thousands of valid cryptographic coins on the market, it can be almost impossible to keep track of them by studying them one by one. CoinMarketApp offers basic information that users require about crypto and much more. The app provides users with crucial data to make important decisions in and crypt markets. It also offers news on ICO and any important events in the encrypted world. In addition, this app will show the prices of a currency between the different exchanges.

The characteristics of CoinMarketApp

CoinMarketApp has over 1400 coins listed. It provides data on coins such as market capitalization, the volume of trade in various exchanges and the circulating volume of coins. It also offers users data on the foreign exchange market. Users will receive alerts on problems in real time on each coin. There is also a feature that shows news about upcoming and current ICOs. This will allow users to make wise decisions about new currencies and their investment prospects.

Other interesting elements on CoinMarketApp are charts and graphs generated on all coins. These are accessible when you click on the currency to which a user cares. The chart will show how the currency has run since it was created. Beyond that, it will show the value compared to BTC and USD. The versatility of the app allows you to perform an in-depth analysis in motion. Whether you want to see daily, weekly, monthly or annual price changes, this app lets you do it.

The news alert feature is noteworthy. This application will send news feeds from Reddit news, which can be useful for traders who operate based on in-depth analysis. The combination of charts and news makes this app perfect for serious investors.

Could improve in the future

The app has many outstanding features, but could do more in the future. For example, browsing through thousands of coins can be complex. This led to some complaints about the app. However, those who plan to use it should already have a currency in mind for it to be effective.

Beyond that, several news sources could publish the same story more than once. This could then lead to the RSS feed that shows a story more than once. However, this could improve with future updates of the algorithm. In this way, you do not see the same type of information more than necessary with only a slight variation in the title.

Summary CoinMarketApp

This app is ideal for those who like to look closely at the market. It is useful both for giving a glance to the market and for an in-depth analysis.

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